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Unread 7th Mar 2011, 01:22 PM   #51
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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How about Kim W, right here at WF?

KimW still needs our help DONATE DIRECTLY
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Unread 7th Mar 2011, 04:47 PM   #52
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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Hi Lisa,

What a fantastic gesture. I hope your little boy is doing good.

My vote goes to UMDF . Not many people have heard of Mitochondrial Disease which is surprising because in children, it is nearly as common as childhood cancer. It is a cruel, harsh disease which robs children of their lives, offering no chance to live.

My daughter suffers from Mitochondrial disease. She lives life on a ventilator because Mitochondrial Disease robbed her of her muscles. She cannot speak, eat or sit, but coherently she is the brightest 3 year old you ever did meet. She loves life, and what she misses out on in terms of physical ability, she makes up for with inner strength.

The UMDF are making a massive impact on mitochondrial research and really are doing some fantastic things. They will find a cure, not in time to save Sophie, but they will at some point in the future, find a cure.

Mitochondrial disease doesn't just affect children. It affects adults too. It can affect any part of the body, brain, heart, kidney, liver, muscles ... and the outcome is always the same. Parkinsons - Mito in origin, Huntigdons - Mito in origin, even the ageing process is thought to be mito in origin. Even Autism has been linked to mito. Tackling mito at the biological level has the potential to provide therapy for so many disorders.

Mitochondrial disease has stolen my daughters muscles, it has killed so many children that we know from around the world. We do our bit to help these kids enjoy life, the UMDF does it's bit to help these kids live.

What a fantastic thing you're doing and it's evident you have a heart of gold, my vote goes to the UMDF. :-)

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Unread 7th Mar 2011, 05:16 PM   #53
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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Hi: I know I've missed the contest for early 2011, but I wanted to make a suggestion for your next donation. April (every year) is Organ Donor Awareness Month. Please donate to your local transplant organization to help them get the word out. There are over 92,000 people in the US waiting/hoping for a lifesaving transplant. I am sure that everyone on this forum knows AT LEAST one person who has had a transplant or needs one.

Please encourage those you know to register as donors. There is no better gift than a second chance at life. Obviously, this is personal to me. My daughter had a liver transplant at age 8 which saved her life, but more importantly, gave her a quality of life she had never before experienced.

That's my suggestion. Thanks.
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Unread 9th Mar 2011, 08:08 PM   #54
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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What a wonderful contest. May I suggest one that will give over and over again. They are like the kiva of autism. They help parents fund autism treatments with microloans, that are repaid to the original investors. So once you get repaid from one donation, you can always plug it back in and help another child overcome their issues. I've spoke with Tori (as I've got my 2 little boys with autism) and she is truly a wonderful woman with a heart of gold to start a program to help families in need help their children.

Best wishes,

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Unread 9th Mar 2011, 08:26 PM   #55
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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Thanks everyone for all the awesome suggestions! I wasn't going to post this until around the 15th, but here goes:

My original plan was to choose four different charities this year: one on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st. That is still my plan, but I've already chosen my second charity of the year, due to a very personal experience.

Late in the year last year, I was "reunited" with my brother, Tomi, on Facebook. I hadn't talked nor heard from Tomi since I was in my late teens. I am 39 years old now.

Tomi was sent away from our family due to circumstances unknown to me, when he was five years old. He is now a recovering alcoholic, and a recovering heroine addict. He is living at a mission in Opelousas, Louisiana, called Lighthouse.

Opelousas Lighthouse Mission

My brother, Tomi, and I have been through many of the same challenges in life, and for this reason, I've chosen Lighthouse as the charity where my 10% will go, at least for the second quarter of 2011.

I'll let everyone know when the contest is reopened! And again, THANK YOU all so much for your suggestions. I hope you can all see how this is very important to me.

Love you guys!

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Unread 6th May 2011, 03:04 PM   #56
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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hi lisa, i just wanted to tell you what a wonderfull job you are doing. not only giving to charity, but getting the warriors involved.

my main point in replying though comes from your success story in finding your brother. i believe what goes around comes around eventually and your story proves this to be true.

i wish for your continued success and i hope you and your brother have a chance to catch up on lost time. everyone falls on hard times, and it's just great to know you have survived yours and your brother is getting the help he needs to make his life worth living and worthwhile.

i am very glad you chose the lighthouse as your second quarter charity. many people fall on hard times and it's only places like the lighthouse that can give a person a second chance in life when they really need it and where there is nowhere else to turn
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Unread 31st May 2011, 05:50 PM   #57
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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Hello Lisa.

A picture is worth a thousand words. . .
These URLs say it best. If you can't see the value in where your money would be applied
well. . . . . .

YouTube - ‪myfurryfriendsbarrie's Channel‬‏

YouTube - ‪myfurryfriendsbarrie's Channel‬‏

Furry Friends Animal Shelter Inc... we recycle love.

The cats are only maintained in "cages" until they have been vet inspected, vaccinated, de-wormed and checked for fleas. Once they pass their medicals, they are allowed to roam freely.

In the beginning…

It all begin one dreary October evening in 1994. Marie Aldred, founder of Furry Friends
Animal Shelter, was taking the garbage from her restaurant to the dumpster when six
small, furry animals jumped out. Shocked and surprised, Marie closed the lid and whipped
back inside her restaurant. Two nights later as she followed her normal routine, more
small critters scrambled from the dumpster. Marie noticed that a tiny, wet, miserable-
looking kitten was left behind. She took him in and gave him scraps which he devoured.

This little kitten had eyes like saucers and they cast a spell on Marie...

Marie had never owned a cat because she suffers from severe asthma, but she took the
little kitten home. She and her son bathed and fed the kitten and put it in a warm bed.

They called the kitten "Tiger" because of his brown fur and black stripes.

As Marie told her customers the story about Tiger, one of them expressed an interest in
taking the kitten. As more cats and kittens emerged from the dumpster, Marie bought a
large bag of food and put some out. At least 30 cats came to dinner! As the temperature
dropped, she warmed the food so it wouldn't freeze as quickly. In the morning, the food
would always be gone.

But the cats deserved better and Marie had a plan. She caught them and helped one at a
time. The first was Daphane, a large, grey-black tabby. It took four months to gain her
trust before she was spayed and given to a great home. Over the next two years Marie
caught, tamed and found homes for over 100 cats and kittens. At this point, she named her
operation Pet Rescue and many people joined to help stray, abandoned felines (in 2000 Pet
Rescue became officially incorporated as "Furry Friends Animal Shelter").

Five years later, they moved into their first shelter. There was no heat or hot water,
but the cats and kittens had a roof over their heads. A thrift store helped pay part of
the rent, but every day, more and more cats arrived. The response was always "we'll take
them". After two years with no heat and electric heaters old and in bad repair, it was
decided to move to a new, better shelter. This newer shelter had heat and water, but very
high rent. Sadly, the building wasn't insulated and the hot water tank kept freezing.

Again, it was time to move on.

The present location at 11 Hart Drive, Unit 4 (an industrial unit) is a dream compared to the other shelters with heat, water and a lovely large area so cats can be split up.

In 1999 Furry Friends was also blessed with the opportunity to adopt out cat and kittens at the PetSmart adoption centre. Every year over 1,000 cats and kittens are adopted.
Furry Friends has never had paid employees. Volunteers run the shelter and the adoption
centre at PetSmart. Money is always tight and generous donors help cover the costs.

Caring for animals that have been abandoned and/or abused is very demanding. Without a
network of foster homes where these poor little critters can receive the TLC and social
skills they require, the success rate would not be as high.

Fury Friends Animal Shelter will continue to rescue, care and find homes for our all of
Barrie's little "Tigers".

As a footnote, Furry Friends inherited an old house only to discover it was full of black mold and was condemned by the health authorities. The land remains and so does the hope that we can one day raise enough money to build a shelter there.

Marie has been doing this for seventeen years. The restaurant has gone, her husband passed away two months ago and she works as a "Greeter" at Walmart. Her passions is the cats and every spare minute is devoted to the organization. She, like all the volunteers receive absolutely no compensation from the charity. Her devotion is truly an act love.

Please read the Forum Rules Affiliate links are NOT permitted.
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Unread 13th Jun 2011, 12:43 PM   #58
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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Originally Posted by Lisa Gergets View Post

A bit of background...a few years ago when I started out in IM, I didn't even know I was doing IM. I was hand-making a product and selling it on a venue called Etsy and promoting the product on websites and with social media etc. Back then, 10% of all my income from sales went to Autism Speaks, because my son was diagnosed with autism when he was about 3.

We're about to celebrate his 6th birthday this Friday, and that got me to that I'm solidly on my feet as a full-time IM'er, I want to start giving to charity again regularly like I did back then.

The Contest:
Choose the charity that you think I should donate 10% to over the course of 2011! Tell me a bit about WHY you have chosen that particular charity. Whether it's because you have a personal interest in the charity like I did with Autism Speaks, or because you generally feel strongly about a certain cause, I want to hear about it!

This contest will run until December 28th, and my husband and I will choose a winner by December 31st, based on what is written in each suggestion.

The winner will not only get to choose my charity for 2011, but my donations to that charity will be in both our families names.

AND ALSO, the winner will receive:
  • My brand new WP Amaz-One plugin and all future updates
  • One of EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT I put out in 2011
  • A sponsorship to the War Room OR
  • If already a member of the War Room, I will purchase any WSO of their choosing up to $37 (or, if they want a more expensive WSO, I'll send 'em $37:p)
Ready? Set? GO!

Common sense disclaimer: I'm not responsible for you making money or not making money or what you do with what I give you. Void where prohibited. Blah blah blah. I'm not responsible for software problems or technical issues or hard drive failures. LOL I guess that covers it.
I hardly choose a free charity cars for this contest because this charity help the needy people to get a free transportation car, this people need transportation to go to work, doctor appointments, buy groceries, etc etc. I know the facts because I'm one of them is hard to go to the Doctor walking when you hardly can walk to go to the bathroom, and like that is tons of people with that need. if you like to check this charity and see for your self go to Free Charity Cars . thank you my name is Lida Rios my email address is
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Unread 27th Jun 2011, 05:41 PM   #59
Hope I can Help
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Re: Help Choose My 2011 Charity! (HUGE Prize Package)
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did you decide?

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