Adult mobile pic community - help with estimates please!

by aleco
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Hi all,

I've been running a site where users can upload their photos and videos from their phones to my site since April 2004, so my site is coming up to 10 years old. Inevitably, it ended up becoming more adult orientated in nature, and a very good community developed.

Unfortunately, due to real life job commitments, I've barely been able to work on the site, so feel the time to sell is now. There's loads of potential (I did have users paying for a "premium" membership allowing more messages, large pics and vids, etc but ended this as I didn't have time to maintain the site as well as I liked), and there's income potential via adverts (again, these were removed via premium membership, but I've removed them for the same reason as above).

The site is mobMMS.

The site's all valid xhtml, has a mobile version that supports Android and iPhone as well as most non-smartphones at for watching videos and images on the move. Most pics are auto resized to best fit the handset in use.
Photos/videos can be set to private and shared only with those you wish.

When you visit the site, adult pics are blurred out in thumbnail view, so you will either need to sign up to see them, or just click them and the full size version isn't blurred.

Stats wise I've had a few issues with my server - as I've not had time to maintain it, many months only seem to have recorded 1-2 proper weeks of visitors. So the last few months are as follows:

Oct 2014 16,280 unique visitors
Nov 2014 16,116 unique visitors
Dec 2014 6,802 unique visitors - NOTE: stats died 14th Dec and recorded nothing after
Jan 2015 2,303 unique visitors for the 4 days it's recorded so far since it came back to life.

My target keywords were "adult mms", and "mms uploader" for which I rank 1st for both on Google currently.

There's obviously loads of user submitted adult content on there, and it's not just like a 3 month old site I'm trying to sell here.

So...any ideas?!
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    I would email other adult websites etc and prosper to unload property to those who might be looking for it.
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    You can hire a professional to do the updates and maintain it for you! You can always look forward for an Internet Marketing Specialist to help you ease your burden at the same time can create money through it.
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    There are many adult affiliate programs. You could sign up to one to see how much your traffic can make.
    In adult usually the conversions are much lower than in other sectors.

    I work for an adult company at the moment, we use similar web to estimate the traffic of a site where we are interested to buy media. Yours doesnt look that good unfortunately

    So again my best suggestion is to send your traffic to affiliates, perhaps dating or amateur content sites are a good start.
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