Freemarket Releases - February 4th

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Hello Warriors,

I'm excited to announce the release of new filters and visual style for browsing listings! This change has been one of the most anticipated features by Warriors and our internal staff as it makes it super simple to find the listings you want.

Some key highlights:
  • New Tabs: Filter by websites, domains or offers only listings
  • New Filters: Filter by ending soon, most active and more!
  • Domain Extension Filter: Filter by popular domain extensions or enter your own

Other releases since last update:
  • Make offer listings now have an editable Asking Price
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Upcoming changes in the pipeline:
  • Bulk listings

As always if you need help with anything feel free to e-mail me directly at or PM me through Warrior. Thanks again for supporting Freemarket.

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    Cool! Looking forward to try these.
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    Hello, all these features sound great, but do you want to offer some direction on how to get to them and use them.? THanks.
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      Originally Posted by seanster View Post

      Hello, all these features sound great, but do you want to offer some direction on how to get to them and use them.? THanks.
      Hey Seanster,

      Would be happy to. Please see the below information:


      Website, Domain and Make Offer Tabs:


      As before you can now separate websites and domains, however now you can also separate out the listings only accepting offers. While we have a high number of auctions its always advantageous to search through our Offers Only listings. For a number of reasons great listings sometimes don't sell when on auction and then start accepting offers afterwards - this is a great way to find really good listings that were missed by other buyers.

      Filter by Domain Extension:


      Looking for the best gTLD? Want to find just the right extension for the new blog your starting? Look no further - now you can search for the most popular domain extensions or add your own.

      Filter By Listing Options or Time Based Options:


      The most anticipated filters we've added are shown here - these include Newly Listed, Ending Soon etc. Find newly listed .org's for that new non-profit you want to start or find the two word domains ending today. This section makes all of this possible and more.

      How Do I Get Started?

      With all of these options is easy to get overwhelmed - so we've provided below some common use cases and what filters to select:

      Hidden Gems:

      To find the best listings you can try these filters:
      • Filter by Make Offers
      • Filter by Featured
      • Filter by your preferred price range and domain extension

      Low Cost Domain Steals:

      Find the domains ending soon that are still at a great price:
      • Filter by Domains
      • Filter by Ending Soon
      • Filter by Price ($0-$100)

      High Value Websites:

      Looking for a great investment that will continue to give you high returns? Try out this filter combination:
      • Filter by Websites
      • Sort by Unique Visitors (High to Low)
      • Filter by your preferred Price and Domain Extension


      If your listing is now accepting offers, there's any easy way to change the asking price displayed to buyers.
      • Navigate to the My Listings area
      • Find your listing and select View
      • Select the Edit Listing button
      • Scroll down to the "Set Price" area and change your asking price as needed.
      • Scroll down and select Post Your Listing

      I'm hoping that gives some clarity on how to find and use these features. Please let me know if you have questions.

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    Freemarket finally looks a lot better. I even got a decent 550 offer for a website I listed long ago.
    And since I've had another dreadful experience with the cruel, vindictive staff at Flippa, this could not come at a better time.

    Yay !
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    FreeMarket is looking decent enough now !
    Looking forward for it !
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    I want to add up few useful things which helped others, sell sites successfully!

    Once you setup a listing, don't just sit back and wait for Freemarket to do all the hard work for you. Feel it's worth. Just because it's free to list, doesn't mean it lacks attention.

    Following are the questions you should ask yourself.
    Put yourself in buyer's place. Are you providing enough data?
    Did you get the word out?
    Did you get in front of potential buyers?
    It's not a bad idea to launch an adwords campaign worth 100$ that could possible increase the price of your auction 2 times over.
    Think out of the box. Get creative!

    I hope you got my point!
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