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Have a 3 year old domain name for sale with real and active 5k twitter followers, 17,541,877 Alexa Rank, indexed by google, yahoo and bing. Had average 1k uniques monthly when I had it hosted as a site. I have it parked since beginning of this month and it has got ten clicks.

The domain is ebook/ereading related and would be great for someone looking for a start in affiliate marketing/ Amazon/Adsense in the ebook/ereading niche.

On it you can sell ebooks,ereaders, tablets and other ereading devices. You also can affiliate for epublishing platforms and companies. Anything ereading related you can sell on it

Like i said it would make a good buy for a beginner looking for a domain that has some foundation on the web already and they can just build from there.

However if you are an experienced marketer but would like a domain that has some web presence already well I dont discriminate.

Not really a marketer so reason for sale.
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