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Freemarket.com launched in September 2014 and is the premiere destination where entrepreneurs like yourself can buy and sell websites and domains. We’re hoping to fuel a new generation of entrepreneurs - those who build exciting contest for the masses and those who provide opportunities for web-savvy individuals to make money on the rapidly growing web. We’re all about helping talented professionals connect with each other.

Freemarket offers great advantages to buyers and sellers alike. Its free to list and relist with us and we only charge 5% commission for sold listings. Additionally we have ultra secure handovers to protect you and give you the confidence you need.

Guidelines for Submitting

This forum is for discussing all the ins and outs of Freemarket as well as helpful advice and discussions about the market at large. We try to help people get into the industry, build businesses and ultimately be successful in the domain/website market.

With that in mind, there are some guidelines for posting in the Freemarket discussion:

1. No self promotional threads

This forum is to discuss Freemarket and the industry at large. Asking for opinions on your website or domain adds no real value to the forum and hence will be removed.

2. No appraisal threads

Knowing the price you should get for selling a website or domain is a complicated one. To help out with this, we created a stickied post for you to use as a guideline - click here to view it.

We ask that you do not post any threads asking for appraisals.

3. Selling on this forum

Since this is a place of discussion, we will not permit selling of personal assets through this forum. We encourage you to post your domain or website on Freemarket as its free and you can get real offers backed up with all the benefits the platform has to offer.

Thanks for coming to the forum and we wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!


Stefan Hogan
Freemarket.com, Product Manager
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