What to do with this 4 letter .com domain?

by JB
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Hi Everyone,

I have a nice 4 letter domain, www.imwp.com It combines IM Iinternet marketing) and WP (wordpress) which in my mind at least is a pretty big market opportunity for whoever develops it.

My problem is I simply don't have the time or expertise to try and develop this domain myself. Other than recently throwing together the holding page to experiment with some branding ideas I've pretty much sat on this one.

I'm not sure what to do with it to be honest.

- Do I try to sell it as is?

- Do I look to rent it out (not sure what the success rate of that is)?

- Do I try some kind of a JV where I provide the domain.... is that even realistic?

- If selling it is the best option, what is the best route for a domain like this one?

It's a pretty specialised insofar as it's of most interest to the Internet Marketing industry, there may be businesses out there with the same initials but unless they are Blue Chip I would imagine selling to that market being a lot more difficult.

My preference would be to have it developed and generating income but as I said that's not my area of expertise.

Any tips or advice would be really appreciated.


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    Sorry to disappoint you but it's not a valuable domain name - not all 4L.com names are valuable.

    To develop a 4L.com it's even harder than a generic one since it would require a lot more SEO work done to it.

    I would personally sell it if I could find a buyer for it. If you can sell it for xxx you've done well IMO.
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  • Personally doubt if anyone would want to lease it, but you may be able to sell it for a nice price. It's a nice one imo. You can try listing it on the major sales platforms for free, just do a search on that.
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    The point is it is very hard to remeber this domain unless it is a famous brand, but it is short enough, so I guess you can sell it with the price less than $10,000.
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    I think you could sell it and invest the money in something that could make you more money

    But first, make a research to get an idea of the possible value
    For sale. Buy it on Afternic or any of their partner registrars, sach as namecheap etc
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