What Are Buyers Looking For To Invest In?

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Just wondering how we can set this section on fire with success.

What would make a person skip Flippa and invest here instead? Thanks.
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    One word .com's, two word .com's, four letter .com's, geographical .com's...

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    buyers are always looking for dictionary word and 3 words 4 words domains .... if you can find dictionary words in .com tld than it will be great to sell....
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      So mostly domainers, I see.

      I like to create Authority Websites with Revenue I guess have to go where the traffic is.

      Even the discussion on buying and selling is scarce here.
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    Dictionary words are great. Look for domain names that target a specific keyword. Long Tail Keywords are also a great option.
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    An attractive website with a catchy domain name, not necessarily short (there are not many left) with good content and showcasing potential revenue will sell anywhere.
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    Buyers in my professional experience are often looking to invest in social media sites, auction sites, dating sites, coupon sites, directory sites and membership sites. People call me to mimic popular website like Craigslist all the time. It's not that hard to build but Craigslist has good ant-spam and phone verification that many investors dont want to put the time into. Even if you have a great idea it's pointless if you don't market the website in the first place. It's not like the movie, "The Field of Dreams" where they say "If you build it they will come". People have to find the site online somehow. Invest t only in the website, but invest several times over in the marketing.

    Kim Murphy, President
    Designz23 Marketing and Development

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    Investing in methods that are going to work, I had a guy come to me with $2,500 wanting to do CPA. I am somewhat decent so I showed him things that were working for me since I have a brick and mortar business. It's easy to develop a repoire with the community and push ideas and opportunities. CPA that involves health and wellness often times are way more effective than many things.

    People want sustainable income that doesn't have to be incredibly big buckets but offers enough incentive to keep plugging ahead.
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    Instead of buying great domain name buyers also looking for buying authority website with revenue sales.
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    There's SO much fail in this thread from obvious noobs. Geez.

    Every buyer is different, and some are smarter than others. But buyers are typically looking for investment properties, very similar to traditional real estate.

    If you're selling a domain, forget about it. No intelligent buyer will look at you. If you're selling a website, you need to be transparant and honest about your metrics and financials. There's so many liars that embellish or provide fraudulent data. Brokers like Freemarket, Flippa, and Empire Flippers don't even verify the data...so it's all on the buyer to make sure they aren't investing in a lemon.
    I'd rather tell you an ugly truth than a pretty lie.
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      Actually there is truth in each of these posts to some degree. I agree we have to do our due diligence but there is only so much we can do.

      I had a seemingly legit website buyer ask me for positive feedback and an hour later complained to paypal for his money back for the playstation he never received! ( I actually won that case as a seller...rare for paypal.)

      Yes I like intelligent buyers but I have to weed out the low ballers they will just try to rip you off for bottom dollars..its human nature.

      I actually have never sold a stand alone domain..but I have given away a few as bonus. I always put content there or some type of asset because you will hook interest much faster at least my own personal experience.
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        Originally Posted by More Than Tips View Post

        I had a seemingly legit website buyer ask me for positive feedback and an hour later complained to paypal for his money back for the playstation he never received! ( I actually won that case as a seller...rare for paypal.)

        That's why we use an Escrow service

        To answer your question, broadly speaking, buyers should be looking at 3 fundamental aspects of an established online business.

        • Are the sources diverse?
        • Does it have a healthy backlink profile?
        • Has it historically performed well? Any penalties?

        • Check for trends in the revenue over the lifetime of the business.
        • Expenses - Any overspend you can cut or reallocate to increase profitability?
        • Growth Potential - Can you add value where the previous owners could not?

        Personal Fit
        • Do your skills and experience match the business model?
        • Do you have time to run this business however passive it may be?
        • Budget - Does the business fit comfortably within your budget?

        This is a high level overview but there is also a free 83 page Guide to Buying an Online Business which provides a lot more detail about what buyers are and should be looking for.

        Hope that helps!
        I specialize in selling websites over $10,000 in value. No obligation, confidential valuation here.
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    In my opinion buyers look for short, easy to remember, dictionary word domain names. Most of the buyers even look for the keywords CPC value. If you have all these things on your domain name then certainly your domain will attract lot of potential buyers to it until and unless you market it.
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