Build into forum or sell?

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"Search engine marketing college"

Good one to develop I to a forum/community? Or sell the domain?
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    Well, if you think you can do a good job, then build your forum. If you don't believe you're able to grow a nice community then sell. Basically, no one can tell you what to do with it, a domain name has as much potential as you're able to offer it.
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  • Yes, its good to develop forum on it so people can learn alot about the search engine marketing as well
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    Build a forum first, then you sell. Search Engine Marketing skills is necessary for this task.
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    The name quiet suits the purpose. I would like to give you a heads up for building the forum with good and informative posts and discussions.

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    Originally Posted by greatdn View Post

    "Search engine marketing college"

    Good one to develop I to a forum/community? Or sell the domain?
    The name is Quite Nice , you can Build a Forum on this , but if you think you can't run a forum/community then Sell it ..
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    Ooh no you can easily make it a discussion forum like admission, education , cost of higher study which you want. If you have enough time and able to do hard work , you can easily do that and then you can sale with high price.
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    I think first of all make a blog, add some quality content and promote it. Once you have some regular visitors, then add a forum to your main website so that your website visitors can share their thoughts and help each other.
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    If it is worth selling, it is worth building up if you have the time... and can take the risk.
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    If you want speculate by selling domains I think you must study diffrent strategies!
    Start developing a forum, this could be interesting!
    Good Work!!

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    I would first suggest you to develop because this domain has got potential. If you can afford it to keep for few years then it would be great because aged domain names sale for more prices. After developing it I don't think that you will make your mind on selling this. This can generate lot of income source if you work with it properly.
    Any way best of luck.
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      This domain would make a great membership site.

      100 customers paying $24.99 equals $2499 monthly or $30K annually.

      If you decide to sell this domain this is what someone would probably do with it. So reflect that in what you sell the name for.

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    Forum is hard to maintain. There will be many spammers and useless post. if you think you have enough time to maintain forum then don't late. Build one.
    Blog is easy to manage so i will sugest you to start a blog.
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    Agree with danilion55.

    From experience, forums are hard to build and hard to monetize. However, I think everyone needs to try to build a forum at least once in their life to appreciate how hard it is attracting and retaining online users. (My first ever website was, a forum for Business Intelligence tools. It was hard going in the first month, trying to get visitors, signups, questions, people to answer but eventually the tide turned after 6 months. I sold it after 18 months to an Chicago-based consultancy. At the time of sale it had about 5000 users and was on auto-pilot. But very hard to monetize.)

    Great name. Wouldn't look out of place at Brandbucket.
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  • Profile picture of the author gene438 = big $$$ = not so big $$$

    What a difference a letter makes.
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      Originally Posted by gene438 View Post = big $$$ = not so big $$$

      What a difference a letter makes.
      yes but I think it's worth a punt for the OP
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    thanks everyone, name was sold as i did not have the resources to dev.
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