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Why are some random 5-6 numbered domains selling at godaddy auctions for $500-2k each?


All these domains have bids on them for $600-1k each. Why? I can register 5-6 number domains in these ranges for reg fee. What is the reason for this numbers selling?
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    I can't figure out why someone would buy them, are they "Selling" or just for sale ?

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    I think this relates to demand by the Chinese market where numbers correspond to words.
    So while there seems to be high value on some numeric name domains seem high, you have to be careful that you are not buying at the high end.
    A good way of checking or appraising the value of domains is by getting them appraised at Estibot.
    You an then of course sell your domains at sites like Flippa.

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    Numbered domains are very popular in Chinese market. While these domains means nothing to us, but Chinese play numbers game there.

    If you check you would know that is running better numbered domain auctions than GoDaddy. A 5 letter numbered domain is very valuable ranging from 5K to whatever buyer wants to pay. Depends on the number. There are premium numbers which sell for higher such as 8, 9, 2, 3 etc. A premium 6N domain can be sold for minimum $100.
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    If you want to do an experiment, start with then and then etc all the way up to and then keep going!
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    Numbers are considered very lucky in China culture.
    I have registered, and I made sure with my Go Daddy discount that the final pricing amount was lucky numbers too. It might seem crazy to some people, but even buying it on a lucky month and date adds to the value.
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    definately a numbers game.

    Heck many Muslims will pay premium for 786 numbers. so assume the same would be for domain names.

    Locally, guys made decent money selling mobile phone numbers. Either easy to remember numbers, or numbers that chinese think are good luck.

    Also maybe the numbers are the same as a telephone number? (a bit of a stretch i know!)
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    Chinese buyers have changed the whole domaining industry this yr by spending massively on numerics & short domains.

    Crazy amounts of money being spent.
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