What do you do when everything goes bye bye

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Didn't ' back up' any of anything and this has happened...

All of my sites, bar one, has been cleaned out. Totally gone and nothing there.

All directories have gone.

Including the WP install on all but one site.

No images, plugins, content, theme, or even as said, WP install.

Thinking it wouldn't be a hacking issue, spoken to my server (extremely helpful but ineffectual), and they tell me there are no directories associated with all of my sites ( bar one, but it's stripped back to a default WP theme).

My bad for not creating back ups, and as I've no clients, no one else is affected.

I'm with Bluehost who I've had a great experience with.

Can anyone surmise as to how this may have happened.

Or has this happened to anyone else and how did you deal with it

And I have a long email support ticket sent a couple of days ago
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    No, but your hosting account generally runs back-ups, ask them to do a 'restore' from a previous date.

    I lost 14 sites on Hostgator, apparently threw away the wrong file. They reztored it to a previous date (like a week earlier) and all was good again. Lost some of my recent work, but I was fine with that.

    Good luck
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    it is clear that there are 2 reasons, first is your website has been hacked, bad guys attack and wipe data, the 2nd is a server error, which offers web hosting for you.
    if your normal data backup will recover, but if you do not do it, deleted data will not restore any more

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    Thanks guys so far for your thoughts, advice, and support. It really was and is an argh moment

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    Bluehost is owned by EIG. I would find another solution if I were you.
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      Thanks, I'm still waiting to hear back from Bluehost, and my only assumption as to why it's taking longer than the 24 hours they confirmed with is that they're taking time to find out what happened and rectify it if possible.

      I'll give them a couple of more days then phone... Bluehost have been great so far, no hiccups, great service and great support when (as a 'newbie') I needed them for support on simple matters

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    It is very possible to restore the files and all data if you have put the auto update. You can recover to the last day the data was backed up but you will lose the recent data. This might have been due to hacking, maybe your server had errors or due to your mistakes. The first person you should blame is you because you never protected your site. All the best friend
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    The best thing has been mention above, ask your hosting company, they will have the auto back for your server.
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    How you guys not to use hostgattor?

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