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Years ago I did well in classified and direct mail with network marketing. Today nothing I do works as well as I need it to and I can't afford to spend any more dollars on courses, programs, etc.

I recently had to switch jobs and am taking a major pay decrease. I am an entrepreneur and need money to continue both my life and my entrepreneurial interests. I have tried various contextual ad networks on my sites which range from a restaurant review site to a blog about fitness and health and nothing seems to work. In fact Google Chrome blocked me saying I had malware. The culprit at that time was Bidvertiser. I need to be able to use these sites to make money.

I don't know if I can list them here to have people look at them and give me ideas but there is very little monetization with them right now that is working.

I need direction and ideas. Also if there is a good work from home job to make extra money until I get these sites producing it would be helpful.
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    PM me your sites and I will take a look
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    If you are still interested in getting any kind of help send me a message and I will try to help you in any way I can
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    Please give us some details of yours!!

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    Hi Keith, I see this question quite often, and often wonder if it is more money people need, or do they need to control and manage what they already have? I like this forum because it has the answer to all your IM questions, but in a lot of cases if people had more would they be content with that bit extra?

    Of course there at a million ways to make money online, but all to often we get sucked into stuff that if it doesn't make money straight away, we disagree it and move on to the next thing, and nothing every seems to get finished.

    The internet is a big distraction, and unless we create a robust plan with some solid timelines then we continue to go round in circles.

    Try starting offline first to establish what it is that you want and need, then come up with a plan. Most successful people won't and have'nt seen the fruits of their labour immediately as they make a small amount and re-invest it back in to their business.

    I suppose creating systems is what we should all be doing, 10 small different eggs all earning a little is greater than one earning a little.

    Might not give you the answer you wanted but then I suppose the real solution isn't always what you can see in front of you.

    Good luck with your ventures.
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