Suggestions of affiliate marketing for newbies

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For newbies,Tips to be more successful in affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is not for easy and fast money,that is all we know,dreaming for becoming rich overnight not real,not to mention that this industry is competitive now.
Being rich overnight is not impossible now,but we can still get stable cash flow from it.
Here are 3 advices of mine since i john this industry,Hope it can help newbies.

1、Don't pick many products at start,be focus on one vertical.

I have made the first mistakes in it,i have chosen 3 vertical of products,CPI apps,CPS,CPL,all push into my TJ,all were new to me,it turned out to be a time wasting,i can't make any single one profit! So i abandon CPL,CPS,focus on andriod tools app,then i have made my first $100 in the first week!
Just need to know,we don't have much energy to digest,you can make profit only when you became familiar in one vertical and the market then you have the ability to find the best products in the days to come.

2、Try multiple Traffic source.

There are many traffic source in this industry,using your own website and social account is good,but using multiple traffic souce offer you the chance that you will get the different results and find the best source to promote it.

3、Don't give up testing so easy.

There is a saying in the industry in chinese circle."no test,no money"
As far as i am concern,all the products(if you get from directly)has the potential to be profitble,as long as you tested the best source and targeting setting of it.
Never give up testing before you had done the final research.
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    Totally agree, BUT, once you get the hang of that one source, try another, and another and another.

    I started on Life Insurance leads, now im doing Health Insurance, Funeral Insurance, Income Protection, Business Protection and Corporate Health, all take a while to get going and find the right keywords to ADs, but in time, one will support the other and keep you in a steady income.

    Multiple trafiic?? Hmmm, I only find Google to be a trusted source at the mo, social media brings a lot of poor conversions IMO.

    And yes, DONT give up, and DONT panic, you will make it in the end. Try and make sure you have a good mentor to help you alond the way, its hard without one

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    I am a newbie. Your advices are so great. I have been trying sold the frist product on Clickbank.
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    The main idea is NEVER to give up. Everything else could be achieved!

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    i am a newbie. thanks for good advice
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      Thanks for the tips. But I'm promoting 5 programs at the moment. What I do is that I am learning from an expert(My sponsor) who grew his internet business quickly from this 5 programs.His proven strategy really works!
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