A small confusion on nameservers and hostings

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I am a little bit confused regarding the below scenario. Can anyone help me in this please..

I bough a hosting(managed server) from a company 1 and host my website(abc.com) on it. The nameservers I got from this were ns1.abc.com , ns2.abc.com

Now I bought another hosting (server with root access) from company 2. I select abc.com as my main domain and install virtualmin setup on it. Now I got the same name servers on this hosting too ns1.abc.com , ns2.abc.com

I am now confused which nameservers will be resolved and how to connect my new hosting to my domain? Thanks!
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    When you say you bought another server, do you mean you now have two servers or you've switched to a new one?

    The nameservers (NS1 and NS2) must match the dedicated IP addresses provided with your dedicated server and are normally created at your registrar.

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    Andre Foisy
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