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Hi guys.Ive been interested in affiliate marketing for quite some time but never actually threw any hard earnt at it due to work commitments and lack of real knowledge of the industry. Popping in here and reading has helped enormously over the years in obtaining an understanding of how things work.

Due to a member of the family now needing care, after a serious motorbike accident, i have some spare time to explore the market of affiliate marketing.

Yesterday i was playing around with Google Trends and Keyword Planner and came across a domain name (www.xxxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk receiving between 3 & 3.75million enquiries a month year on year with low completion.

Im thinking that such a domain name has some value to if monopolized correctly so went ahead and purchased the .co.uk.

As already suggested, my knowledge of affiliate marketing could be be written on the back of a postage stamp so ideally the best way forward for me would be to make contact with an affiliate mentor to run the idea by and help to develop an idea. Ideally (if the domain name is what it appears to be) on a gross turnover profit share?

Any thoughts of what i should be doing would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance. .
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    What vertical is the keyword in?
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      Originally Posted by ktz16 View Post

      What vertical is the keyword in?
      Hi, Thanks for your interest.

      The world is your oyster, as they say.

      Flights & Holidays
      Investment.& Banking.

      The list goes on and on. The Brand Name is globally respected so sells itself all the time.

      A related competitor receives almost 2million less searches a month and ranked by Alexa at 747 in the UK .

      Ive yet to sit down and do the proper research but feeling cautiously optimistic/excited up till now. . :-)

      ETA: Actually, im wrong with the figures earlier - i should have said a volume trend of between 3 & 4million searches per month using the domain name in its entirety, eg, xyyyyyz.co.uk.But without the .CO.UK that figure jumps up to 5.8 million searches per month. .

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    I didn't get your point and let me know what do you actually want to know ?

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      Am i right in thinking that the fundamental basics (bottom-line) of affiliate marketing is to market a respected product, that millions want to buy, with low competition? Research so far strongly suggests this is what has been stumbled upon. The more research that is done the more convinced i am... .
      For exapmle, the.Com of the url name is not even ranked in Alexa, and that inst going to ever change.

      What webmaster wouldn't want a minimum of 5.8million guaranteed monthly impressions on their site? there is something very wrong if Millions of ready to buy customers are snatched up up by competitors.

      Google SEO tools suggested keywords terms are in the hundreds of thousands with low competition. A huge, secure marketplace just waiting to be had, is what im seeing.

      Perhaps im looking for a mentor or experienced related advice or perhaps a profit share with super affiliate with experience with keyword rich domain names.

      How does it work?

      Thnks guys.

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