Evaluating More than just the site - Social, Email list, etc

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Been online forever doing lead generation mainly. Long story short, did a set of tasks every day for a month on a beauty site and have :
4,000+ visitors last 30 days (Lot of ranked keywords with clicks)
4,600+ visitors to the Pinterest Board last 30days
1,000+ visitors to the Google + and Blogger accounts
Active Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts.

Most everything is automated, and content syndicated. Most the manual work was setting everything up, manually following, friending, and all that social stuff.

Building a email list would be easy - read in once place that ads value.

Income is from Avon because I did not want to post affiliate stuff, and Adsense on there at the beginning, but was over $800+ in Jan.

Question is, what kind of value can newer sites with these stats, social accounts, automation, and etc (Say much less income if I slapped Adsense on there) go for?

I want to keep this setup (I think), but what I did is very repeatable in many different verticals with most being outsourced.

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