3000 Games Steam Account: Price?

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For how much can I sell my personal steam account with 3K games and lvl 57?
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    I never heard of selling a Steam account before. I know people sell Steam Keys as a way to transfer games they no longer want to someone else, but I've never tried it myself so I don't know how it is done. Have you asked on Steam Discussion Boards? I'm sure someone over there must know more about it.

    If you are looking for YouTube gamers to advice you on game account values, I'm not sure you'll find anyone here who is knowledgeable in YouTube Gaming here on WF. I'm a YouTube Gamer myself and whenever I mention YouTube here on WF they only thing anyone around here ever knows about YouTube is how to buy pre-made videos on how to get a million views, which they post on their channel very blatantly against Google's ToS (Google is YouTube btw) and then a week later they'll be back here moaning and whining "Why did YouTube ban my channel?, I didn't do anything wrong!" - yeah, well, uploading content you did not personally make yourself is against their ToS.

    As far as I know I'm the only member on WF who actually uses YouTube for gaming and not scamming people. Do be careful of 90% of the YouTube advice you find on WF - it's nearly always put out there by someone who never used YouTube and is just trying to get you to buy a product that is against YouTube's ToS.

    I've yet to find anyone here on WF who is actually interested in filming, vlogging, or gaming. Whenever anyone mentions YouTube it's always to ask where they can get videos to upload or saying they are selling videos you can upload. It's rare you find actual YouTubers, who are actually making their own videos, here on WF. Everyone around here seems to be just looking for a quick buck and not interested in actually doing anything for it, when it comes to YouTube. I read all the YouTube related threads here hoping for a question worth answering (as I do in fact make a living off YouTube and could give advice on it, if anyone actually wanted advice on how to do YouTube as a career, but nope, they just want to upload 100 videos someone else made and be an overnight millionaire. Never interested in doing any actual filming for themselves.)

    I mention YouTube, because 3k is a lot of games. With a backlog like that I would think you could set up a gaming channel and do quite well on YouTube.

    I think if it was me, I'd go back to the store age for each game, see what the total value of your Steam account is that way, and sell it for 50% less then that title. (Yes that would be quite a loss on what you paid, but I really can't see anyone wanting to pay more then that for used games, when you can not reset game time, etc...They buy yur used Stem games, they buy them already played with achievements already unlocked and no way yo do thee challenges themselves. The whole reason for buying a game from Steam is so you can do the achievement challenges. If the achievements are already unlocked, there's no advantage to RENTING a game you can not download - keeping in mind that when you "buy" a Steam game you only rent it, it's never actually installed on your computer. If people were going to pay full price for a game with no achievements to unlock, they'd get it from GOG, get 85% off and have the game fully installed on their computer instead of rented use via the Steam app.

    Also, even if you only bout $10 games and sell for $5 each, 3k games is still $15,000 Do you really think anyone is going to cough up $15k for a Steam account? Most people looking for lots of games are teenagers looking to set up a YouTube gaming channel. Unless they are Little Orphan Annie with a Daddy Warbucks to buy your account, none of them are gonna be coughing up $15k anytime soon. And someone who could afford to pay $15k probably isn't on the internet site looking to make money online, thus is also not considering starting a gaming channel on YouTube.

    I think selling each game one at a time via Steam Keys is going to be a way better option for you, as it allows people to start the game fresh with achievements locked, and they will pay closer to full price, meaning you could sell the key to a $10 game for $8. You'll get more money in the long run.

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