Which is the best platform to sell 1K - 10K monthly search domain?

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Actually, we as a small team bought a few domain names just to test the market of domain flipping, however, the issue is, the more I read, the more it confuses me. It doesn't mean I'm not taking action, I'm but the problem is I don't know what should be the actual price of my domains. Since, if one appraisal service shows $900 the other shows only $250. And, when we see the same type of domains on websites like Flippa or Sedo, they're getting bids for over $10,000.

Now, I'm not saying I'm expecting millions of dollars, but I just want to have some idea. Could you please help me in that? I have three domain names.

1 - Zorakh (meaning - inventive, knowledgeable, and elegant)
2 - SmallShovel (1K - 10K monthly searches)
3 - SmallShovels (1K- 10K monthly searches)

All are dot com domains.

The issue is, they're newly registered domains, and we don't have a tad idea how it goes. Some people say that they're successfully flipping new domain while other say that it's better to wait. I actually want to sell new domains... So, here are my two main questions.

1 - What should be the price of these domains? Give me rough idea?
2 - Which platform is the best for selling newly registered domains?

We worked hard to find these domains, but lets see. Firt time, we are testing the waters. And, I'm sorry if this isn't the right platform to ask this question.

Thank you!

Oh by the way, I got $50 offer on SmallShovel just yesterday, but I wasn't interested in that. I was expecting more. I don't know it's a mistake or not. Since, snowshovel domain is getting bids of $29,000 on sedo. Obviously, I'm not expecting that much, but still I want to have a fine price. It was really tough to find these ones as we spent days on them. Especially, Zorakh is a one word domain and super brandable.
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    It's hard to determine how much a domain worth value. But what I know is, the best way to sell your domain is to find the right buyer, it means the people who really want your domain name or end user buyer.
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