How to Create Viral Content?

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Neil patel shared an extremely usefull post about creating viral content.

How to Create Viral Content That Generates 2,500 Visitors Per Day

There are many ways of promoting a brand on the web. Which of them are the most effective? One of the most succeeded methods is creating viral content.

Creating a content that's intended to spread like a virus is a difficult task. We can represent content in different forms: blog posts, funny pictures, videos, infographics, and so on. However, our first and most important task is to craft that content in such way that your target audience will share it willingly and frequently.

Neetzan Zimmerman is a genius at creating viral content. At Gawker, Zimmerman’s job was to create huge amounts of traffic so that other writers could focus on longer stories that required more reporting. Zimmerman turned out to be awfully good at generating page views. Of the 10 biggest stories on Gawker in 2013, nine were his.

There are few characteristics of viral content.

Evoke Emotions
Inspire People
Look Through the Viral Novelties
Post at the Right Time

Of course, these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

Also, writing expertise is very important to create viral contents.

Zimmerman has a list of about 1,000 websites that he scans for ideas. He starts a typical day by rolling out of bed and skimming whatever items have popped up overnight; usually there are about 500. From 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. he stays glued to an iPad (for reading) and a laptop (for writing). He works from home because commuting would force him to be disconnected from the internet. "You need to be in one place, without moving, for an extended period of time," he says.
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    I already read that post.. Very useful for marketers.

    Neil patel always share very useful blog posts..
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    You know what goes "viral"? Some girl in a bikini doing something dumb.
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    I'd love to recommend another blog about viral marketing - taught by a panda superhero:

    Viral Marketing - Become a Viral Hero, Step by Step | Upshare

    Disclosure: this is our blog - but I feel like this is topical enough to not fell too self promote-y
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    I think a lot of marketers could do well avoiding trying to go viral and concentrating on creating great content!

    Music and beer afficinado with a keen interest in UX and copywriting,
    Workwise inkasso and inkasso i utlandet

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    by the way, Neil is believed to be the creator of infographic, at least that's what they said in his interview with Mindvalley! He's mad genius!
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    it is a very useful post, viral contents, it is the first time that i met viral content, and is it just like a robot who can edit some words whcih have the same meaning?
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