Email Subscribers vs Facebook Fans - Infographic

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I thought I would share this infographic. One of the guys on our team made it a while ago for his personal blog.

The only thing I will say, Facebook marketing does work for us, but that's mainly because a lot of people buy t-shirts from Facebook sponsored posts these days. Though the conversion rate on our email marketing still is king.

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    in facebook people are usually interested to open their fb account and see what is going on, so that means people are curios by nature on the social media but in email not, they have to open and read. for me i think that email list is still worth using because you can target very narrow segment using email list. for example lets say you have blog about drop shipping business you may have email lists for drop shipping companies, drop shipping wholesalers, drop shipping uk and so on. so to sum up even social networks like facebook are spreading, the value for using email lists still work.
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    Nice infographics
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    Special about Email Marketing is that you already hold your database.
    You already lock your targeted traffic in your database
    what ever happen in the internet your targeted traffic will stay in your shop

    For facebook early user creating an ads will be a problem. Sometime when they don't have the good knowledge about fb ads their ads account will be blocked if the ads do not fullfil facebook terms. If you already made 10K like and then ads account close it hard for you to increase more audience without fb ads. Do we want our shop to stay 10K or want to increase to a bigger empire?
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    75% visibility with email traffic, that's great!

    Cool infographic btw
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      nice infograhpic.

      Some thoughts:
      17% on FB is rather optimistic. In reality, you are more likely to get around <5% impression on FB as FB is forcing companies to boost posts to get more impressions. On top of that, of the 10,000 fans on facebook, you can assume a % of them will be robots or click farmers from India or Egypt.

      This youtube video will tell you more about these clickfarms.

      The rules of FB are constantly changing. I like to tell people that marketing on FB is like renting a billboard while marketing on a mailing list is like owning one.
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    Very nice graphic and what is more important - good conclusion.
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