How to drive traffic from America?

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How to drive traffic from America?
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    Facebook ads can be one of the best options.
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    Reddit I suppose is a good idea

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    Paid Traffic is the Best. But wait a second do not hold the Stick on the Wrong end, before the Traffic comes the Funnel this is where most New Marketers fail and Fail miserably, I did and talking from experience. Funnel is everything traffic can be gotten very fast but a converting funnel is the Most Important thing in Online Marketing.
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    You can do Solo Ads.

    Recommend this site:

    Make sure you tell them that you want T1 traffic. This is traffic from the US, Canada and UK I believe,. If you want, you can negotiate with the Solo Ad provider to get only US traffic.

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    blog commenting, forums, paid adverts, (it has to be relevant to the audience you're targeting tho) and as for Facebook ads, fb ads doesn't work for getting traffic from America in my own location, at least I'm speaking from personal experience, imo
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    So many methods to do, like Facebook Ads, Social Media Free Traffic, Adwords, Solo, Email Marketing, Re-marketing etc.
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    promote your site in to the local group of usa and also connect usa people in twitter and facebook as well as instagram.
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    Facebook ads and Stumbleupon ads are the best options.

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    Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc even reddit is a good way to drive american traffic. However, there is another funny way.
    Just write a song or poem or maybe an article or something like that describes how great the american's are. You can also praise for their military services.
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    Originally Posted by vivek1995 View Post

    How to drive traffic from America?
    Great question.

    Go to google. Make sure you are using a United States interface. Type in particular topics that are related to american markets. Browse then be sure you let me know what happens next.
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  • You can drive traffic by networking with others in the same region.
    Use largest social networking websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc)
    Use largest video websites (such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc)
    Use largest classifieds (such as Biggest or Largest Classifieds)
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    I use Facebook ads for this purpose because they are so easy to use and I can also choose the location as per my preference. Just a little effort and your ad will bring many visitors to your website.
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    You may use social networks to get traffic from America. It is an easy task to drive traffic.
    You may use proxies of different locations of America to get traffic from the America easily from any network or site.
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    Once you have covered getting organic traffic like from social networking sites, forums and blogs.
    Why not engage in media buying or buying traffic through a DSPs RTB platform?
    It has features like Country Targeting or in Online Marketing jargon, Geo-targeting? You can easily target your desired audience thru that, i kid you not. If i may be able to suggest, How about swing over to Bluagile - Self-Serve Ad Platform | RTB | Retargeting | Mobile and shoot them an inquiry. Im pretty sure they got what you need.
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    You an drive traffic from America by using American proxies.
    It'll help you to go to right way. You can get more people from America using American SEO companies. These companies will bring American traffic in a very minor time.
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    Do you mean just random traffic or quality visitors, like hungry buyers with eyeballs, cash in hand and problems they want solved? In the latter case, I'd say paid ads are great because they provide highly targeted visitors. So-called "free" visitor traffic would come from youtube, or niche forums like the WF. Depending on what you will expose your visitors to when they get to the destination you're sending them to, you will decide which niche forums or fb pages for example you will drop links into.

    Hope that helps.

    ~~~ Working "internet smart" = less work 4 mo' moolah ~~~

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    Don't neglect the timing at which you blast out your marketing broadcast. No point perfecting your content if you miss the bulk of their engagement rates.

    Mid Western and South Eastern of the States are the economic-driving cities, so I'll expect more sales conversions from those parts more than the rest of the states. You may want to time your traffic when both the east and west coasts are at their internet engagement peaks, i.e. between EST (Eastern Standard Time) 7pm to 11pm.

    Good Luck!

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      now i will tell you about this guys
      Originally Posted by saazzad View Post

      Paid Traffic is the Best.
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    Your using paid ads in google adwords. adword is the best way area base traffic.
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    Target those sites and social media from USA. Be active in their Social, Blogs, Forums as long as it is relevant to your product or service. Later on you will receive search traffic from USA then Google search will give you high rankings results you will drive more traffic from USA.
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    You can share post on Social Media.Buy FB Ads/Google Ads/Bing Ads/Youtube Ads
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    I would say there is a few different methods for this. But a few are posting on classified ad sites in American cities. Also post in facebook groups that has topics of being in America. Also adding friends on your social network sites that are in the American region.

    I have built classified ad posting software that I will be selling soon once I can get a JV partner.

    How to get my Backpage Poster Software for Free! PM Me to see how! Also if you need traffic software I have several for sale so just ask.

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      Use Facebook ads and inside of the dashboard you can see Instagram ads also use both for the US
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    Originally Posted by vivek1995 View Post

    How to drive traffic from America?
    Paid ads is definitely the best way to drive traffic almost instantly!
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    To get more traffic, you will have to combine many methods one by one. Success from a website is a gradual process and can be boring at first but as you promote it, you will get exposure. I use social media, forums, and blog comments to get good amount of traffic to my site.
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  • I personally use safelists and viral mailers, most of the traffic comes from US but like someone here already said before you send any paid traffic you should test your funnel, otherwise you may think ''it doesnt work''.
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    There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, and in today's post, we're going to look at some of them. Advertise. ...Get Social. ...Mix It Up. ...Write Irresistible Headlines. ...Pay Attention to On-Page SEO. ...Target Long-Tail Keywords. ...Start Guest Blogging. ...invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site.
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    Paid channels like Adwords and Facebook definitely will help to get targeted audience
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    Originally Posted by vivek1995 View Post

    How to drive traffic from America?
    By Road.

    Targeted Emails, Facebook, Bing,google ads.

    Or directly buy America traffic and engage.
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    Social sites are the best way to drive traffic from any other country as well as Some SEO techniques...
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    I guess a lot of people mentioned paid ads like facebook ads and solo ads. One option to go is for free traffic from facebook groups. If you really only want leads from America then get a link tracker like click magick. They have the option to redirect visitors from different countries, then at least you could segment these leads to opt into different campaigns/lists in your autoresponder.

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    If you want a specific american traffic then you give your full focus on dot com sites. And try to make your social friends of America.
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