5 Tips to Land Your Startup that Funding it Needs

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Africa definitely has great potential and so does its youth who make up about 65% of the population. It is no news that Africa is quickly progressing in terms of creativity and the development of information technology.

This is not to say that development and creativity haven't always existed however it is clear that the world is getting increasingly interconnected. With the presence of service vacuums, the opportunity is provided for African innovators to fill the vacuum by creating businesses that would cater to the service needs.

Since unemployment remains an issue in Africa, innovation hubs are spread across the continent as a possible means of youth empowerment which would allow the youth to channel their creative energy towards a potentially productive source for their communities.

This has proven productive to an extent however funding is required by these upcoming startups looking to make a mark in their respective markets.
Here are five tips that would definitely land these young startups the funding that is required to boost their productivity and reach! These tips would be quite useful after the risks involved have been assessed and understood.

5 Tips to Land Your Startup that Funding it Needs
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