3 Quick Steps To Lazer Targeted YT Traffic In 48 Hours Or Less (Without Uploads Or Paid Ads)

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Hey Warriors,

If you're still struggling to drive traffic in 2016 I have a simple but effective strategy I stumbled upon this year that might help you.

You can use this strategy to drive video traffic to your CPA offers, affiliate links or to build a list WITHOUT having to even upload a video.

The Method Is Quick, Simple And Scalable:

Find expired domains in the descriptions of YT videos, qualify if the videos are getting daily views and redirect the clicks that the domain gets to your own online properties (preferably a landing page).

Here's how to do this (with an example of what would make a potentially good domain acquisition).

Step 1/3: Type In A Keyword To Find A Video In Your Niche.

Best keywords you can target in any niche are keywords with buyer intent.

Example: KDL 55W950B which happens to be the model number of a high definition TV would be a "buyer keyword" for someone looking to learn more about this type of television.

Step 2/3: Check If The Video Has Daily Views (IMPORTANT!)

To find out if the video is getting daily views open the video up in YT
a) Click on ... More
b) Click on Statistics
c) Make sure to click on Daily once you see the video statistics for the video

If you're seeing daily view stats like the image above, then this would be a potentially good domain to acquire to redirect to your own amazon affiliate link or review site.

We then need to check if the the domain has expired in Step 3/3 below.

If you're not seeing any traffic shown in the statistics (or the video uploader decided not to show them) then restart the process from Step 1/3.

Step 3/3: Find Out If The Domain Listed In The Video Description Has Expired.

The next step involves clicking on the link in the video description to see if you get an error.

If you do get an error then there is a good chance that the domain has expired especially if the video is an old one.

What you'll then need to do is register the expired domain at Namecheap.com and redirect the traffic to your own offer

Couple Of Tips Here:

1) Always make sure the domains that you're going to be purchasing have daily views.

See Step 2/3. The cumulative statistics don't reveal the complete picture.

2) Ask yourself if you would click on the link in the video description after watching the video? e.g. Did it provide value, have some form of call to action etc.

3) If you have a VA (Virtual Assistant) outsource this to them. This method is so simple I've outsourced it my nephews and nieces. Easy pocket money for them and targeted traffic for my business ;-)

Hope to share more of these traffic hacks with you all in 2016 but I hope this one serves you well.
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