How best to promote a new launched part-time jobs platform?

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Let's assume you've built a solid part-time jobs platform to cater to freelancers and everyday ordinary people who need jobs done for one reason or the other. Let's assume this platform is called Parttimerz (

Now, the tricky part here is not to provide the value to your members for that's given through beautifully designed platform but how to let people know it is there for them to use it and make the most of it?

Essentially, how do you promote a newly launched social platform in such a busy world when social media sites i.e., facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. fail to deliver? We all know that conventional marketing does not work either. What do you do?
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  • I've personally been tired making posts at facebook but the same has worked when i went with their advertising. In a similar niche as of yours, i tested a campaign which turned out well and that gave me few good lessons.

    Facebook is a good place to goto when it comes to career niche but it has to be the paid advertising way, coz manual drowns you in an ocean of darkness.
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    blogs - simple, effective. Obviously blogs about getting hired.

    Resume/CV template sites. People go on them because they are probably looking for work and need to sharpen up their resume/CV.

    Student boards/forums.

    Unfair dismissal/what to do after getting the boot from your job type sites.

    4 off the top off my head.
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