The biggest challenges facing online marketers?

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I consider myself more than competent in social media and online marketing and can definitely put a good enough strategy in place so that at this stage, I don't have to outsource my marketing.

This is time consuming though so ultimately, once my business is more established I'll definitely be using the skills of someone who can give my online marketing the time and attention it requires to be successful.

From managing my online marketing, there are a few challenges I've come across and I wondered if anyone else experienced the same or if you have anything new to add to this list? Would also love to know of any challenges that you've successfully beaten and how?

Social media:
How and when to post. My content is good (Ha, I like to think so!) but with Facebook and Instagram changing their algorithms left, right and centre, it's hard to now know the best times of day to post. I keep testing but this is a definite area of concern for me. I'm also very aware that each of my posts need to have a purpose. Just to get my name in front of my followers isn't good enough and I know I need to stick to a specific strategy to be effective.

There is so much 'noise' online these days that it's super hard to stand out from the crowd. I'm always looking for ways to be different which don't include lowering my prices. I think this is where a combination of passion, good service and authenticity come in but I know there is much more to it than that.

The internet makes it really easy for people to type with ulterior motives. Are those reviews real? Is that source reliable? Are those people who they say they are? Often, you need to trust your gut and take advice and services from reputable sources only.

Mobile usage:
It's a well-known fact that mobile users are looking for a different experience than PC users. This means that not only is it important to optimise content for mobile viewers, but also to tailor it to make it appropriate.

There's no doubt about it but the consumer is fickle these days! One wrong comment and they're hitting the unsubscribe button faster than you can say 'special offer!' Multi-tasking to work on growing our list while providing content to existing subscribers is an essential part of online marketing which can often get overlooked.

Do you have anything to this list as far as challengers for the online marketer go. Or can you provide any solutions to anything I've written above?

Appreciate your input
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    Every marketer faces different challenges. Although we typically share similar goals, some teams are stuck on hiring top talent, while others are having trouble finding the right technology for their needs.
    Check the lnk below surely it wil help you to solve social media challenges.
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    Managing website . Security and maintenance are also big challenges for online marketers.
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    Not every marketer is challenged by the same things bro,they are not all facing all of them.
    "Starting is always hard!"
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    I would not sa,y I am marketer. But in business for me always hardest part is managing people. When you have like 5 people it's ok.

    When you have like 40 people working for you, it's hard to divide your attention between them, make so much decisions you need to do everyday, and fix problems related to poor work, and not get into emotions mode.
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  • I think there's too many "social media" gurus who just saw a video and assume they know all about social media. And a lot of internet marketers are here because the industry is a gold rush it looks sexy and lucrative. I like what you said about "noise" but the best way to stand out is to not only do things other marketers aren't doing but to be empathetic of the consumers buying decisions so you know how to market to them.
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    The challenge is trying to do too many things. The better way is to focus on promoting one product on one media.
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    I would say the biggest challenge for an online marketer is the ability to drive traffic effectively and constantly. This is where the majority of people fail because to achieve constant traffic there is a lot of work to do and people that don't get results right away usually quit.

    There are other challenges in this journey which can be a profitable journey if you work hard but i think this is where most of the people get frustrated and quit.
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    Id say marketers are impatient and always looking for a quick profit result.

    Unfortunately over the years , I notice that you can't really last in this business or at least develop a long lasting career in Online Marketing without developing a product, service, or a brand that serves your target audience with your most honest intention to deliver value that makes their lives easier before they've heard you.

    This means you have to put the time and effort to develop relationship and trust. Find an answer to resolve some of their pain points and give it away for free! The law of reciprocity never fails! They will talk about you and promote your product and service before you know it.
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