I have Youtube Channel and I want to know how I can increase views and subscriber

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Hi All,

I need help from WF community, I currently have youtube channel for kids and till now I have made some roughly 24 videos.

But I struggling to acquire views and subscriber organically.

This is my channel - http://bit.ly/FunKidTube-YT1

Can someone please help me to find out how I can increase views and subscriber to my channel.

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    Who's your target, exactly? The videos are for kids, are the kids supposed to find you or your videos on youtube? Are the parents supposed to find this and show to their kids? I just looked through some of your videos and I don't think it really see it stick and have potential to grow, to be honest. Also some of your videos are incredibly long and not really interesting.
    I'd switch the niche or tactic if I were you, but if you really want to stay in this then start targeting parents and offer to help them with their kids, as for offering entertainment with coloring videos.. it's probably not going to work.
    Your twitter and facebook, start using it for more than just announcing new videos to nonexistent audience, be more active and try to share on relevant pages/groups.

    As for subscribers, think if they have any reason to stay with you right now and await new videos from you, so far i haven't found any. There isn't really any visible personality or voice in your channel, make it into something that people will find interesting and be curious about new content coming out.
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      Thank a lot for your helpful suggestion, I will try to target more of parents and create more interesting videos. Any tools or trick you can suggest to increase traffic.
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    You mean a TIP - right kids?!

    I would suggest a mobile and tablet app marketed to parents of small children as a past-time and learning helper. Feature your videos on that.

    Realize that many people have game consoles at home and they can play your videos for kids using the youtube app. You just need to get the word out to parents of small children - make sure to promote wherever these parents frequent on line and off.

    I saw some videos and feel them a little long, Try looking at some segments of Sesame Street and other kiddie shows and pay attention to camera angles and you need to use a better microphone - voice audio seems a bit weak.

    As a cognitive instructor, why do you use "Double E" when teaching small children? We have "Double U - W" in the alphabet, but we do not have a "Double E".

    In another video, you made me dizzy with that instruction guide on how to put that alligator together! I can see JR twisting his eyeballs trying to figure out what the heck you're doing. But I guess it will help with eye response and exercise. Not being sarcastic - just trying to give it some good purpose.

    On one video you teach the color red, but the frame is filled with pink! Children will go around seeing pink and calling it red. I know you are referring to the balloon or the egg, but I know. The type of teaching that is being tendered may lead to "fuzzy" thinking and then reasoning. Not that it isn't being touted already in many educational settings - I just cringe at it.

    So with just these few examples above, you now know that at least a few (if not many) parents may find your content a bit "too much" for the baby. I like your attempt and effort but these things may become too negative for your channel to gain any real traction.

    Subscribers and views can and will be always had. But there is so much more you can do that can make the channel the go to place for parents to keep their kids busy and out of trouble.
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    Hi Peter,

    I would suggest using Google Adwords research tool (for what it's worth, it's not overly brilliant) to see which keywords/keyphrases are most popular in your niche. Or, try typing the keyphrases you believe are popular into the YouTube search field and see what popular suggestions pop up. Then put exactly those keyphrases into the START of your video title, and also include the keyphrase in your video tags and info.

    I've done this, as well as many other tricks of the trade, to get videos ranked on page 1 of Google organic search results in various niches, so I know the tips above will work well. Ultimately I'd suggest learning all that you can about video SEO so that people find your videos more easily, both on YouTube and Google.

    Other than that it appears that your subject matter would probably have a great following on places like Facebook and Pinterest. Put up pictures of kids and babies, link your videos, I believe that would be greatly beneficial if you're not doing it already.

    Good luck with you project!
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      @Mark - can you please help me to understand little more about Pinterest, how to get linked to youtube for getting more views.
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    Hi again Peter - well Pinterest is one of the most visited and used social media platforms available (seriously, it's crazy huge!), and from what I understand it's used by a majority female user base. I'm not a huge Pinterest user to be honest, ti doesn't work super well with my own business model, but from what I know your target market, I believe, is huge on Pinterest. (if anyone with good Pinterest experience has further input on this it would certainly help!)

    1. If it were me I'd start by creating say 3-5 picture posts per day on Pinterest to test it out;
    2. Link one of your videos every day or two (try to avoid repetition if you can help it);
    3. Try to work in with other Pinterest userswho have a similar amount of followers in your target market, and do some cross promotion. Very often you'll get the best results by networking and cross promoting with others in your field.

    Hopefully that helps - all the best!
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  • You have to literally trade their attention right now their attention is on the social media platforms so therefore you have to be on ALL platforms which they are on : deploying content, connecting with, and distributing with other kids. But is the kids you are targeting probably don't have social media then you have to start targeting to their parents. To get subscribers (which is way better then views in quality) it all just comes down to your remarkable content and the amount of value your adding.
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    Google owns Youtube. Google loves content.

    Be sure to add relevant content as consistently as possible.

    Try make it daily if you can! But be consistent.

    Better to post 1 video, completely optimized, 2 or 3 times a week then 10 videos 1 day & nothing for a month.
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      Originally Posted by SamNuku View Post

      Google owns Youtube. Google loves content.

      Be sure to add relevant content as consistently as possible.

      Try make it daily if you can! But be consistent.

      Better to post 1 video, completely optimized, 2 or 3 times a week then 10 videos 1 day & nothing for a month.
      Hi SamNuku - can you please little bit explain the logic behind "2 or 3 times a week then 10 videos 1 day & nothing for a month."
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