How Do I Get Targeted Influential Active Members to Join My Facebook Groups?

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I own and maintain several Facebook, groups; and some of them have absolutely no members. I want to change this around!
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    It depends entirely on the subject matter your group(s) relate to. No-one can advise a color scheme for a room in darkness.
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    1 search for persons in your nish at the site
    2 Enter the Facebook account, see what groups which organize to often you will find one or more of the active members
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    For me, I believe you should make yourself known to them. Engage on their own Facebook group or other social media accounts. Like, follow, add them, comment on their posts, engage and interact with them, join the groups that they are also in. Being known to someone that you exist matters.
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    There is no proven way for me to do it but I can suggest that you make an amazing content, ask permission from the influencers if you can share it on their page or have it published on their blog. Make sure that the content is engaging, relevant to their niche. I think that would be worth a try. Risky, but still they will tend to notice you if you communicate with them directly.
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    Mentioning someone on your post's like tagging them can get their attention. Make sure that you tag them in a relevant post to their niche, they will love it or appreciate it at least. Also, you can re-share their posts or article, it helps on their promotion as well. Might as well let them know that you want them added to your group or share your content. As long as it is relevant and worth the share, it would not hurt to ask.
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