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I have a funnel set up, with ebook bait, and an auto responder series ready to go.

It's time to begin driving quality traffic, testing, scaling. I'm new to the affiliate/inet marketing game. Does anyone have experience in this niche (women's dating advice) to help me figure out which traffic methods has the most success?

Right now, I'm thinking FB ads may be my best bet. I may also tinker with creating a YouTube channel for the brand. I'm unsure if search engine PPC could be lucrative for this niche (or even allowed for a squeeze page).

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

All the best.
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    Facebook doesn't really like dating stuff....

    “Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it.”
    ― Dalai Lama XIV

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      Thank you, davemiz, that's good to know. Any paid traffic methods you would recommend for this niche?

      I'm going to create a YouTube channel as a free method, but would like to couple these efforts with an effective paid method I can experiment with...
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    Could you not create a 'freebie' like a really awesome blog post and then try the Taboola type route? Thinking about where I (as a woman) spend a lot of my time on the internet, it's probably sites like Huffington Post and other online publications - heck, I think even Cosmo has Taboola at the bottom of it now...

    If you look at what some of the other articles/stories are, there are a lot of similar things? I'm not entirely sure what the rules are regarding the site before you can submit it to Taboola (I'm sure someone who has more experience in it can tell you) but I feel like it would definitely reach your target audience.

    Other option: StumbleUpon? I know they do paid advertising as well, plus you could fit it quite nicely in their love/relationship categories.
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    About dating stuff there are a lot of free trafic on all kind sort of chat, but a lot of them are men - "there are no women in the internet's" they say.
    Hard one for you.
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    Social Media networks are not anxious to provide dating traffic but, with a right campaign, good content etc., you can get some very targeted traffic.
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    pop-under ?
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    Are you building up backlinks? Doing videos?
    Just a few.
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