The Power of the Freebie

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Getting people to come to your website and stick around is sort of tough when you have little to no followers. If you are there to sell a product or service your livelihood depends on growing viewership and getting people to subscribe. I'm just going to assume that you already have a decent web page designed that if responsive, colorful and easy to navigate. This is great. Your website not being an eyesore is part of the battle. But offering newbies something for their subscription could be just what you need.

This isn't a guide so I'm not going to get too detailed about how you go about setting these things up but I will tell you a few things that I know work.

Kinds of Freebies

Nobody is going to hold a gun to your head and tell you that you have to offer new subscribers something simply for subscribing. Your great gift to them could be insider wisdom delivered through your weekly newsletter/monthly newsletter. But freebies work in different ways. One of the biggest ways they work is that by giving your subscribers something that you've worked really hard on you are fostering a relationship and trust. Even more if the freebie is a resource that can be applied to everyday life or save your subscribers time, effort and money achieving their goals.

Here are a few awesome freebies you can your subscribers:

1. Downloadable content.
2. Your top 10 secrets.
3. An eBook.
4. A case study.
5. Life hacks you've used to become successful.
6. Access to a course you've created.

Literally any of these things can be modified for your target audience. Sure each of these things take time but if done correctly they are really worth it in the long run.


Holding a giveaway is a great way to grow your subscriber/follower list. You can put together a really cool genre specific package to give away to a random subscriber. For example, if you're a music reviewer you can make a package with: a vinyl, a band tee, a gift card for downloadable music, tickets to see a particular artist in concert and an MP3 player. Clearly doesn't have to be that deep but you guys get what I'm saying.

I know what some of you are thinking. Giveaways can bring in a lot of folks but who's actually going to stick around after it's over? This is just one of the risks you'll have to learn to take if you decide to do a giveaway. So, *shrug.*

The Mighty eBook

eBooks are the cream of the crop when it comes to giveaways. Why? Anyone can write them and they don't have to be very long. Here are the key benefits of using an eBook as a freebie:

*** They're downloadable content and can be viewed pretty much anywhere.
*** They don't expire.
*** They don't have to cost money to create (unless you choose to hire a writer).
*** They can be used for years on end if you chose.

A Goodie Pack

A goodie pack is a great compilation of things such as coupons, an email series, a free course, workbook and more. An example of this maybe something like the following:

1. A guide on whatever service/product you're selling.
2. A case study.
3. Coupons for products relevant to the products/services.
4. A free subscription to your super cool email subscription.
5. Some mo' stuff.

Yes, I do believe I did coin the term goodie pack. Take note. Write about it on your blog or joke me in the comment section. And while you're at, let me know whether or not you give away freebies and why.

'Til next time folks!
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    Everyone loves a freebie.

    I used to work in radio and back then you used to have prize pigs that would drive from one side of the city to the other just to get a free can of Coke.

    While it's a great CTA or hook to have a giveaway such as an eBook or big discount, once they get there your service or product is going to have to be red hot as well.

    I think eBooks are still king, they are easy, cost you nothing but time and are a great resource that people really appreciate.
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    It is a very informative post you have here. I agree, freebies can do a lot of wonders for your site. More people tend to sign-up and learn more about what you offer when you have something to offer. I personally love freebies or prizes. I usually sign-up to that website and continuously visit it unknowingly.
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  • Profile picture of the author to pang
    That is true! I love freebies myself most especially when the website I normally visit gives away some of their products. Not only they get to promote their product the website get its own significant increase of visits and followers as well since it spreads through word-of-mouth and through social media!
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  • Profile picture of the author Pablo Montanas
    I honestly don't know people who don't like freebies. It's like... human principle.
    I actually use them all the time building up my list.
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  • Profile picture of the author Junaid khawaja
    I think the most highly perceived freebie is a 5(or 7) day course. Gone are the days of FREE ebooks and short reports. I have created a separate thread on a similar topic.

    Being said that, there is one precaution with every freebie: Don't make your subscribers habitual to free content. Pitch them with low-price products first, and then gradually move onto your core offer.


    I am conducting 5 FREE copy consultations till New Year...Jump onto my bandwagon while you still can..

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  • Profile picture of the author NewEnglandah
    Checklists or Top 10's seem to pretty hot right now. I think people are getting tired of free eBooks. I could be wrong, but there getting old.
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  • Profile picture of the author putu mega
    How about giving a chance of winning money? Can we do that? Or the possibility is lower than ebook?
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  • Profile picture of the author wanadowellson
    Such a simple and good idea, but not done enough. No problem with it unless it gets in the way of the main content
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    Yes, I agree. Freebie sometime converts and start giving you actual business.
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    It's true. People love getting free stuff. Just the allure of getting something extra makes people click on links and fill forms. Even when they do not know what they are going to get. One of the tricks websites use is say " Fill this form to collect your free reward" and most visitors will do that without knowing what they get. All they may get is a copy of your newsletter in the mail but you still got their information.
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    • Profile picture of the author Jessica Amboos
      I'm guilty of this. Sometimes I sign up just to get a reward even though I don't know what it is. The power of the freebie says it all. Oftentimes giveaways make people needy. Instead of paying for the goods or services, they just wait until the business owner puts up more freebies.
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  • Theoretically speaking, the "freebie" belongs to the whole inbound marketing idea. Although being a huge fan of the movement (if i'm allowed to call it such) i can understand those critics that question the effectiveness of the freebies arguing that your customers (those that take money out of their pockets to support you) will ultimately start to question the real value of your products/freebies. #justmakingdevil'sadvocate
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  • Profile picture of the author Vsingh
    Really a great post on 'The Power of the Freebie'. I can understand it's value. It helps me a lot to build my list. And I always teach the same lesson to my subscribers. If you know the real art of distributing Freebie, then you are real king in the business.
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  • Profile picture of the author JasonTheFreeman
    Just to add to the discussion I've seen people hype up freebies. Building it up by constantly mentioning it for several days leading up to a specific date of the giveaway. It's a great way to gain followers.

    I agree with Junaid's precaution. Too many freebies can be detrimental too. There is more value to a freebie when it's something born of effort and time, not just some random item. That's why giveaways are for special occasions.
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  • Profile picture of the author Isandy
    Don't want to be negative but if the new subscribers don't perceive great value in the freebie they will end up unsubscribed ASAP from your list.

    Also make sure to not give a lot of freebies too soon, better to give them in compliment with some low-end ticket programs.

    If you are one of those people that are looking for a way to make it online, then we should be in contact...

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  • Inbound marketing works. Giving away your business is not the same in my humble opinion.
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  • Profile picture of the author gvidass
    Yeah it works like a charm, people love and always loved getting freebies.
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  • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
    Helpful freebies are really good at drawing in readers.

    Helpful premium products help you grow your business.

    My mantra; "Everybody loves to pay for stuff they love." And it is so, as they buy my stuff
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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