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With Internet and Social Media taking over the world and involving all the generations, the impact on all the possible fields, including marketing, is more than obvious. However, with the sudden popularity of these marketing ways and websites, in general, it has become very difficult to be noticed and make people feel your presence. So the question is, how to succeed and build a reputation online?

1. Target your audience
You must probably have an idea of what your website should be about already but you should consider it carefully anyway. Targeting your own audience will help you know where to go with your website and how to keep your visitors after you attract them for the first time. People have different interests so you cannot satisfy everyone's needs but you can satisfy the needs of few groups of people. For that reason, choose the topic of your website, what you are going to do with it and think of the groups that will be interested in what you are providing.

2. Quality
As per usual, quality speaks for itself. To be confident enough about the content on your website, your products or services, they must be of high-quality. Whatever you are trying to put out there, make sure it's good and something worth investing in. From questions and answers to online stores, choose everything carefully.

Once you are certain about your content, you can move on to the next step. Putting a lot of effort into the quality of your material and not getting enough credits for it is a waste of time, which is not something you were hoping for. For this reason, you must use all the forces to promote yourself online. Starting from Social Media to E-mail marketing, make people want to visit your website. Like always, keep your promotional messages classy as well because that is one of the ways to show your quality and taste before even bringing anyone to your website. This is where you will see the real importance of targeted audience. By knowing the groups that will probably be interested in your content, you will know exactly where to promote it. You can go on YouTube and search for the videos that speak about similar topics, leave engaging comments that will take the audience to your website. This technique works with forums, blogs, and Social Media as well.

4. Ask for help
You may see people who have succeeded already in what you are trying to do and ask them for help. Do not feel embarrassed because they went through the same things as well. Of course, barely anyone is going to promote you out of kindness. That is why you should offer them something in return, such as a percentage of sales for every visitor who gets to you through them (in case you are selling something), which is also known as affiliate marketing and is very popular online. You can also offer a promotion back once you start building your reputation.
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    This is a good summary on how you can make your online presence more visible. I agree that you need to know your target audience, have great content, promote it in various ways (mostly on social media and email), and ask for help by being clear with what you want to achieve. Worth a try and a good read.
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    Thanks! This post is helpful and very easy to understand. I hope you can also add some more details on how you can specifically push your online presence like targeting the audience and ways on how to promote it.
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    Thanks Louise007, very useful information. Target-Quality-Promotion-Ask
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