How Often to Post on a Website?

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As a website owner I would like to know how often you post on your website and what kinds of things you post to consistently gain more traffic. Is it a bad idea to post more than once per day?

Do you simply post blogs or articles?

Do posts that only have media get a lot of views (on your website)?

Do you think it is professional to reblog articles? Why or why not?
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  • That really depends on what type of content you have and what is the purpose of your website. Posting new content either blogs or articles makes your website look active and crawled by bots which then allows it to be ranked. If your site is more on news, sports, fashion, etc. You make need to update your content more often rather than a regular blog. It is advisable to add relevant media with proper taggings as well.
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    You know much depends on the type of your websites.
    Try to update it as often, as possible.
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    Depends on niche, audience etc. But to answer you directly I aim to post twice a week, to keep reader base engaged. Otherwise they might forget you, eh.
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    I suggest that you update your blog or website more often. Post quality articles, you can write your own articles or you can rewrite something that is already existing and make it unique. Make sure that the articles are related to your own niche and have good titles for it and do your keyword research as well, I suggest you focus on long tail keywords for better results.
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    I try and post whenever there is something relevant to post. I do not want to have a guideline setup where I need to post everyday, or every week because I will end up putting content that is irrelevant.

    I try and do research, jot down ideas, take ideas from other articles, blogs, books, etc from my niche and try to add a fresh prospective.
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    depending on your theme and idea to write you
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    As many have said before, it depends on what type of content you want to post, as well as your website and audience. If you have a blog that's focused on communicating your company's news and updates, you don't need to post twice a day, one post a week or every to weeks will suffice. On the other hand, if you have a blog that's oriented towards entertaining or fun content, you might want to post more often to keep your audience engaged.

    As for the media posts, the number of views depends on what you media is about. A video tutorial for example has a good chance of being viewed a lot if you offer a product that's new and generates a lot of questions about how to use it.

    As an internet user in general I think it can be risky to reblog articles. It could be bad for SEO and promoting someone else's content on your blog can backfire. But then again, that may very well depend on how it's done.
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    You invest more rich content, the visit will increase, google focused content, will attract views, google increasingly appreciated

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    It depends on the related website. If it is news related, then you need to update regularly. Followers look for new content on every website. So we need to give concentration on regular content update. Content should be interesting and informative also to attract visitors.
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    Post blog articles of trending and interesting topics related to business services.
    Post videos, updates, images on website as per related data and analysis.
    Post achievements, testimonial of clients, reviews from third party, users etc.
    There are many ways to engage people using your website, just you need to know and analysis your audience and their reactions on post.
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    The quantity game is long gone. You will want to focus more on the quality of your writing. However, like many have already pointed out it depends, what your site is about and what your niche wants. When you post articles/blog make sure they are of value to your readers and give them something everyone else isn't giving them.
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    You need a Combination of high-quality content and good SEO strategy.
    High amount of blog post does not always mean that you will generate more traffic.

    Invest more time in providing high-quality content for your audience. Try to answer what they want with your content. You also need to engage with them,

    Good luck
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    I would suggest 2-3 times a week. People don't like to read anymore. Keep it short and sweet. Use your keywords and build over time.
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