shopify and facebook ads, is it really worth it?

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I have a shopify ecommerce and a fb page, i need to bring traffic, my product is cannabis related.
what are the best way to target a niche market?

or the best way to purchase traffic or find freelancer affiliate marketers
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    Go to a fb group that is centered around cannabis, people love to buy things in general and people love to buy things that represent what they like or what's popular, cannabis fits both at the moment. You'll probably get some word of mouth referrals as well. Don't let group size fool you, some of the smaller pages have more engaged and more passionate members which means they're a little loose on the wallet for the niche. Also try to squeeze into some closed groups, they tend to have the most active and passionate members. When I did this I made a separate account because I was just testing the method but this is your brand so use you're account. I went into the dog niche, I found some random dog eBook on ClickBank, the item was less than $20 so it was cheap. I then typed in dog groups on fb and joined the group with the biggest population, I got a few sales. I tried the smaller ones and made more from them. I got into a few closed groups and that's where I earned the most. I made a few thousand which isn't much but I was selling a dog eBook. Even if you convert at 1% you'll reach over 100,000 people especially since you're dealing with something that has that mainstream in your face popularity on a website with over a billion people. A simple well placed "like us on Facebook" at the end of your promotion should bring you some decent traffic back to the fb page itself. I assumed that your product is an article of clothing or possibly artwork, I'm sure you don't need an affiliate marketer for eCommerce. I recommend making an Instagram account to add to your social presence. With the Instagram page you'll be able to give clothing to people who have followings and the followers can follow directly back to your page and from there you can also have them follow you on Facebook. With the Instagram algorithm you can get away with minimal amount of SEO since they work more on a time basis. You'll possibly get a lot of free cross promotion. I do plan on releasing a guide on how to grow a following for business at some point in November so I won't tell too much but I've said enough that you can get along well without it. Everything I've said requires a time investment and dedication, you won't need to make a monetary investment. I hope everything goes well for you.
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  • I agree with Isaiah, make a presence on Facebook groups and improve your Facebook page as well. If you have a number of engaged users, they will keep on coming back to your page for more useful information and possibly contact you to buy your product/s. Make sure you target the people in areas who can actually use or purchase cannabis associated products. I think by then when you have a good target of potential clients, you will notice a significant increase of income to your site and products alike.
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    Shopify and Facebook Ads are useful for people who are interested in it. You can try to check Facebook Insights to check when users interact the most and what topics are they most active. You can also create a Facebook group of your own to allow more personal discussions among the people who joined.
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    I still see them useful and effective. Shopify is still a good choice for e-commerce. It lets users organize and manage the transactions well. As for Facebook, even though sometimes it seems to be over rated, it is very useful to connect to many users. Awareness is a good thing because you'll never know who is really interested with what you offer if in the first place it is not available for them to see or access.
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    I have friends that are making an absolute killing with facebook ads. Keep learning! Test test test!
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    Now that I think about it, cannabis must be a very interesting niche to work on, specially if you live in the US.

    I would suggest that you try to do marketing through groups, the cannabis community is a very close one, so there must be some big groups that you can join, however try not to spam on them, create valuable content to appeal them before trying to sell them anything.

    I would also suggest that you try to build a segmentation from audience insights, I dont know if Facebook has already built a cannabis segmentation (I suppose probably not, because of the legal issues), but if they dont, you can use the knowledge you surely have from your audience to build your own segmentation. Stuff like the music they like, the places they frequent, their political ideas, etc, can be used for that.

    Try, try again, and then try harder, you will get there eventually.
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    I have a friend that started an e-cigarette liquid company and when he first started, he used nothing but FB groups to get the word out. This was like 2 years ago and he is now doing over $200K per month. He is also doing trade shows now, but when he was just using FB, he was still killing it. So they definitely can work.
    How to Build LARGE EMAIL LISTS on a Budget and MONETIZE Like a PRO
    20+ Years Exp . . . . . . . . . . . . Email - CPA - PPL
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    In my opinion it is great that you already know your niche, as you can focus on how to get through to them, instead of finding out who who they are. Try maybe some related forums, to find out about your potential client needs. Facebook is a great marketing tool, it makes people more engaged and gives quite easy access to particular group. I agree with Isaiah that you should try to find smaller groups, because people are there for a reason. Also try Ads on Facebook, you can start with realy cheap ones that can help you target your group precisely. Try out your options and good luck
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    Originally Posted by Alex R0 View Post

    I have a shopify ecommerce and a fb page, i need to bring traffic, my product is cannabis related.
    what are the best way to target a niche market?

    or the best way to purchase traffic or find freelancer affiliate marketers
    I think you can combine with them together . It is good for your business
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    Cannabis is pretty good passion niche. I would also suggest making some general cannabis fan site, viral the heck out of it and then you can start promoting various cannabis related products to them.
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    Facebook ads are very costly, but if you have large budget, it is a wise investment
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    Hy warriors,

    but to get this method work well- also make good sales every month, is a Facebook Fanpage, where I write daily content on it (hire a daily good copywriter is not cheap) needed?

    Or does this method work well, if I send the Facebook ads Traffic direct to my own affiliate website/shopify store?

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  • You may want to first start with facebook groups. They are great for niche markets like yours. With ads - test and start low. Youre going to want to try to get followers first. Ask people to follow you, then theyll see your posts and you may get a conversion. Test out the ads to see which interests and demographics are better suited for your site. Then pick your best ad. You may also want to try UTM codes using analytics to track your conversions.
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