How to use emojis strategically in your marketing.

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I was commenting on a Facebook post the other day and was typing from my computer rather than my phone and I wanted to add the laughing emoji but I couldn't. I'm not big on LOL and other abbreviations, but a smiley face just didn't seem enough and my sentence felt incomplete!

It made me realise how reliant we've all become on the good old emoji. Once upon a time they were a luxury only held by iPhone users but they're now classed as the first universal language.

There are emojis everywhere you look and there's no doubt they portray much more of a personality when used in your content marketing but I think there needs to be a bit of criteria around how we use them, so I made up my own which I thought Id share with you!

Make sure they're relevant to your followers:
Using dancing red dress lady when addressing the older market might not always be appropriate. Make sure the emojis you use are backing up your point, or making one all on their own; don't add them in to your copy for the sake of it.

Use them sparingly.
There is such a thing as too much of a good thing when using emojis!! A post full of pictures which your followers have neither the time nor capacity to decipher will serve no point whatsoever. It'll make you look immature and childish and will have the opposite to your desired effect.

Use them to enhance your content.
Don't create your content around emojis. Use them to back up or enhance your existing copy and images but don't use them as a standalone. This will make you look lazy. Emojis talk in all languages but words and pictures are still just as important as they ever were!
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    I wouldn't use them at all while conducting business.
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    I think it depends on your business. Every business has (or should have) a brand voice. If your voice is "fun" and not very rigid, emojis can fit right in. Emojis can add a sense of personality and a level of playfulness.

    I'm in the process of A/B testing the response to ads on Facebook with, or without emojis.
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      I agree, it depends on the brand voice, I wouldnt suggest going crazy with the emojis in brands that need to have a more serious and stable voice, like a Bank or an insurance company.

      I would say however that are certains emojis that could be use in any campaign, because they have been naturalized in the language to a level that they can be use without affecting the voice of the more serious brands, like the happy emoji.
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