How to use contest for generating leads

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On the subject of draws You always run the risk of capturing low quality leads. Organizing a raffle for how well you have always raised it in part will generate contacts that do not serve you.

Although 100% quality is not attainable, it may make sense to look for volume as long as there is a percentage of potential contacts between them.

I take the opportunity to remind you of some basic guidelines that you probably already know.
  • Be sure to choose a channel where you can achieve low-cost broadcasting. Facebook Ads can be a fantastic way to achieve this as long as you know the interests of your target audience.
  • Do not give away something that is not focused 100% on your target. When organizing a raffle make sure you are targeting your target audience as accurately as possible. Do not fly flights to Paris if you are not a travel agency or similar.
  • Focus on something that has no value for being free. Giving away 2 hours of driving is not going to be of interest to someone who does not want to take the license. So he chooses the prize to exclude to the maximum those people who only participate by taking something free.

Even if you have the perfect product, things will not go forward without you pushing. Those start-ups that remain convinced that a good product is enough to achieve viral marketing sooner or later have to bury them. So they have decided to reshape it a bit.

One of the most important things it to accurately decide what channels you are going to use to organize the draw.

Facebook Ads campaign:
A raffle is a perfect opportunity to reach people who do not know you yet. Facebook is usually a good channel for it. With the right configuration you can reach interested users at low cost through a sponsored publication announcing the operation of the draw.
Related affiliate blogs: collaboration with others in the end is also a way to ensure dissemination through blogs related to my target audience. Most of the people who come here sooner or later become interested in the subject of building online businesses.
Twitter: Not many marketers use Twitter for doing their draws, but I believe it can be a good channel for that if you use it properly.

After you have launched a successful contest, the key is to use some of the leads you got from the draw to start selling your products, you can do this with an email campaign.
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