Possible to See User Behavior on Site After Search Console Queries Data?

by trentonlaura 1 replies
Basically I'm wanting to know if in Google Analytics it's possible to follow the search console "queries" data tab in Google Analytics and see after those people clicked through to my site through Google, how they behaved on my site.

So if I see someone clicked through the SERPs to my site from searching "kitten diet" via the "Queries" tab in the Search Console subgroup (in the main Acquisition tab) in Google Analytics, is it then possible to track how that person behaved on my site to see if it created a bounce, a goal conversion, etc.?

From that path I could better optimize my landing pages and possibly meta data showing in the SERPs which people clicked through to.

I even see when I click the "landing pages" tab in the Search Console subgroup that they don't show any behavior data whatsoever.

I don't see why Google won't show you the behavior of the user after they click through in the SERPs when it seems to me that they would have to have the data.
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