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Hello, I just started my first dropshipping website hosted with shopify. I really want to show up on the first page results whenever someone were to google "anime products". If I wanted to show up on the first page for those results, exactly what would I have to do? Post anime products as my main keywords in all of my content? About us, FAQ, all product descriptions? What else? How long would it take as well? Would adding a blog to my website and including those key words now and there help as well? How can I find out exactly where I rank in that search?
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    This question would be better in the SEO sub-forum, but I'll give a very brief answer here. That particular keyword sounds to me like it's going to be very competitive, so you should probably find something a bit more niche if you're a beginner. The highly condensed version of what you should do is to make sure your page loads quickly, is free of errors, and is clearly targeting that keyword in its content. Then you'll need to write a bunch more content about your niche and get backlinks to that content by promoting it wherever you can, be that forums, social sites, whatever. You'll start to see some traffic in weeks and ranking improvements and increasing traffic in months.

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    How long would it take as well?
    You'll need to do a thorough research on selecting the most appropriate keywords for your business area. It might take you some time to show up in Google depending on the competition involving those keywords. If the competition is low, then you'll rank faster by sticking to the latest content publishing rules.
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