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Site: i don't own a domain yet but considering joining an MLM weight loss/ health program and using this to show my journey both in using it and getting healthy to gain possible customers for when i do decide to jump into the MLM. I refuse to badger my family so i want real customers and not pity sales.

Here is my plan. Maybe i will make a chronicle on here of my adventure of the building of this business once i get some questions answered.
I was considering making the blog both active and passive in forms of sales
The blog would concentrate on me and my daily weight loss chronicles using the MLM product (active sales) but have affiliate links as ads on the sides and in the body for other things such as me cooking food using "sun basket" and things like that (passive). This would also help my on page SEO by pulling in people seeking reviews of those types of products.
What is the best and easiest live video service "preferably free" that i can embed in a site and have it both be live and archive on my site so i can video blog and blog? I am assuming youtube but wanted to see other options like maybe periscope or something.
To get started i was thinking of buying an expired domain or something with authority already as my squeeze page instead of pbn where i will offer a free download of recipes or something for following my journey in exchange for email.
From there i will kind of have a two fold blog. one is an already loaded archive of things like recipes, tips and tricks, ebooks and things like that in relation to weight loss/health. My hopes is to really capture as many keywords here as possible.
The other fold is the daily following of my live video doing workouts and eating and thoughts. Really try to build a personal relationship/following for more authority.
I guess if i use youtube as my video source then i can drive traffic to it as well and create a looping effect as well as monetize the video's ( hey a penny is a penny)

I'm seriously considering adding a forum once i get a steady flow of readers as an accountability type system where they can share their journeys as well as read mine. To to mention the massive expansion of keywords, pages indexed, and pages to have ads much like this forum.

Social Media
I am thinking of just using my own personal fb page. Honestly i don't care about fb that much anymore anyways but my page is every bit of 10+ years old. I can basically do whatever i want on there at this point without looking to suspicious. So i can join a bunch of groups in relation to my niche and make some posts in there. As well as start my own page for the blog.
Another question: do you suggest fb email scraping from those groups to either build my custom audience for paid advertising or for email list building? Its only shady if i spam them right? Also is there any reputable resource for purchasing leads at a reasonable rate?

I figured i would just follow the same basic steps with twitter and instagram but ive never used those before. so more research is needed there. I figured the bulk of my audience will be on fb though given the age group and things. Is there any comment platform where they can upload pictures of themselves as well in the comment section of my blog or should i put some sort of forum up so other users can share their progress?

As far as buying old sites and doing a 301, since this is non natural traffic what is a more safe way of doing things? Lets say i buy 100 (random number) old sites and redirect them all i assume it would get my main site deindexed or something. So could i do a 301 with the some and then maybe turn those other pages into either review pages for my blog, additional squeeze pages, or even just copy and paste my blog to multiple sites and have them reference the actual one? What is the best option here?

Any help you guys could offer would be great! Thanks!
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