How do I get more followers on Instagram?

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I just started an art account on Instagram. I love creating art and I want to build up my follower base so I can get more exposure/opportunities. How can I get more followers? I post daily too.
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    Do you use all 30 hashtags available per post? Are you commenting on other people's posts, liking other people, maximising your chance of people seeing your account?

    If the answer is no then you can start there.
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      30 hashtags is definitely important....I also like to choose low hanging fruit hashtags...don't use ones that have millions of posts.

      Instead, use hashtags with thousands to tens of thousands posts.

      Definitely engage their posts. Search for people you like.

      I have been using this tool Instapilot for the past ten days. Simply by using the auto engagement, combined with posting every day, I already have close to 700 followers in 10 days or so.

      Just be active and test, test, test!
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    Hey Jason,

    I have recently studied different strategies on getting good amount of followers on Instagram. Here are few things you could start doing to get good results:
    • Engage with Other Users
    • Complete Your Bio
    • Follow Like-Minded People
    • Make Use of Hashtags
    • Weave Spot-on Captions
    • Host an Instagram Contest
    • Ask Questions
    • Know the Best Time to Post
    • Post More on Sundays
    • Geotagging with Photos
    • Promote Yourself on Other Social Networks
    • Use Filters for Photos
    • Boomerang App
    • Tricky Deep Hashtag Search
    • Be Consistent

    Some of these are core tips to follow up but if you want to just increase followers of your personal profile you can start picking easy tips from this list. Avoid some core tips if you are not any brand to promote.

    Hope it will help you out.
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    Social media is all about the followers, hashtags, and catchy photography use all 30 tags for instagram, that's how a lot of people find you...

    If you can make your instagram pictures tell a story, that's a trick a lot of people don't know when creating captivating content for this platform...

    Have times you set out each day for content, like how youtubers do it, like monday wednesday friday and sunday...

    connect with others. follow similar people in your niche, reciprocation is a mental thing...

    always hold your consistency...
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      Your comment about having the pictures tell a story was interesting. I hadn't thought of it from that perspective before. Very helpful!
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    You have to connect with the art community follow similar artists like you and follow there followers
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    Hashtags, along with mentioning other artists who don't know you is a great way to reach out and build followers.
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    Alok Rana notes everything you need to do manually, but if you're lazy or busy, you can just get an account with something like FollowLiker, it'll automatically follow and like others based on criteria you set, and they will often follow you back. I grew an account to 3000+ pretty quickly like this-
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      Hey there, I can sure give it a try but most of the time tools to boost likes and followers are basically full of spam accounts in it or you can say dead accounts who never increase your posts engagement or likes.

      Let me know your experience with collected followers from this tool.
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    Absolutely agree with using hashtags. They're gold mines. Definitely use them but make sure you don't use hashtags that are overused, you want people to see your post without sinking to the bottom in 10 seconds.

    Experiment with what popular hashtags work for your niche. Definitely get in there and comment and like on other people posts without being spammy! This is important, you want to stand out. Don't just comment with a single emoji or a single one word comment. Comment on something really personal to them like "I really like your shirt in your last post where did you get it?"

    This kind of stuff WILL get you noticed because you're doing something of value to them. I just spend several hours doing this kind of stuff a day and it works great. Key is to stand out when you like and comment.

    Hope this helps
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    • Use relevant hashtags
    • Create relevant content for your followers
    • Write Active & Inviting Captions
    • Run contests and provide offers
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    Manipulate the rankings and force your post into the top rated section.

    This will give you massive likes, loads of comments and follows.

    It can be easy or hard depending on your hashtags but it's worth it. Cheaper than buying shouts and you can stay top for hours.

    I've just ranked for some 7 figure hashtags in my niche. I'll leave it for a while and screen record myself opening the app to show you what it's like.

    I'll let you figure out how to do it though haha

    Oh and my account only has just over 1000 followers so far.
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    People talk about hashtags like they're some sort of magic to get you thousands of new followers.

    This is not true. Yes, you should use 10 - 30 hashtags on your photos and it helps but this will not get you thousands of new followers.

    There are 2 main ways to build a large following:

    1) Organic growth
    This is ideal, however, it's extremely difficult, takes time, and is never guaranteed.

    The things required to grow organically:
    - Amazing / unique content
    - Specific niche
    - Consistency
    - High engagement
    - Influencers / authority Instagram accounts to interact with your page. This is the most difficult part. You need to network with influencers and brands in your niche and then get them to like your photos within an hour after you post.
    This will make your page go viral, but it's insanely hard if you don't have access to these true influencers and authority pages.

    2) Follow / unfollow
    This method has guaranteed results. You just need to target people who would be potentially interested in your page and follow hundreds of people per day. Unfollow people that don't follow you back. You can use software to do this but be careful because you can get your account banned and also you can ruin your account by killing your engagement if you don't do it right.

    I would start off doing follow / unfollow in the beginning to start getting results. Then work on the other things you need to get your account to grow organically and stay consistent.

    Let me know if you'd like further help / coaching. So many other tricks to help you grow that I didn't mention, just too much to type out right now.
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    Check out wolf millionaire. It's a great course and if you are serious it's well well worth the money. No brainer.
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      Having good content, posting often and following the accounts with the most followers, sure can help.

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