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Hey Warrior,

I am Sameer, working as a Digital Marketer in a chile based StartUp, we as a marketing team try different channels, explore things and identify the route for generating leads. Do you have any idea of B2B Lead Generation ideas, please comment here!

Thanks in Advance
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    Hey Sameer,

    Try LinkedIn Ads if you haven't explored them earlier. LinkedIn text ads have a lot of scope to capture B2B leads.
    Using LinkedIn Ads, you can target your niche customers. For a detailed description, go to the below link:

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      Thanks Jon, I have heard about Linkedin Ads but never tried it.
      I will give it a try now.
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      I've always thought of linkedin ads as being expensive (though I've not actually run any). Can you comment?

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      Hi Sameer,

      Linkedin text ad cpc is expensive I think then, how I would plan for monthly campaign could you please help me out
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      LinkedIn Ads are great in theory but damn expensive. We rather use LinkedIn "organically" by contacting and messaging to relevant people.
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    Basic strategy for optimizing website conversions for lead generation is to,

    Limit the amount of options a person has to explore through your website. The more overwhelming it is, the greater chance that they will get bored and leave.
    Place calls to actions after every section. Get customers to drive to web forms and gated content.
    Make the forms simple and easy to complete. Ask for less information and offer a social login as an option.

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    Choosing the right strategies and executing them step by step is the right way to go about lead generation. Broadly, defining the strategies into two categories
    -Outbound Lead Generation Strategy
    - Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

    For outbound marketing there can be different channels to be opted -
    1. LinkedIn lead generation - It involves defining a detailed customer persona, searching for lead's profile, sending connect request and sending a soft pitch after connecting.
    2. Digital advertising - Majorly consists of Search Engine Ads ,Social Media Ads, Private Network Ads and Influencer Marketing ( not exactly ads but still outbound)

    For Inbound lead generation, the major steps to be followed are -
    1. Creating high-quality content which is informative for your potential customer
    2. Promoting content through engaging on B2B Industry forums, distributing on third party platforms, talking to influencers and sharing on social media.
    3. Collecting contact information of users accessing your content
    4. Nurturing leads through sending relevant emails , re-marketing ads wherever required.

    Make sure before choosing a marketing channel, it is necessary to build a customer persona through research and also to define a great content strategy.

    Hope this helps!

    Shivankit Arora
    Marketing Masala
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      Good advice. One of the best bits of advice I got from reading and studying Dan Kennedy is that business people are people with feelings, so your B2B landing page copy should hit their pain points and desires.
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    So many ways to generate leads, all depends on who your market is, LinkedIN can be a great source. Even your local area can be another great place, ever setup a table and collected names, emails, interests on a card?
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    LinkedIn ads may be a very good strategy and the ad costs can be a concern, however if you have never used their ad platform I believe new advertisers can qualify for $50 in free ad credit. This is a decent amount for you to test with. At least you are playing with "House Money" until you decide if your campaign is effective

    Here's a link with access to the ad credit

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    Is your B2B solution a "complex sale" that involves more than just a single decision point?

    Speaking at related industry conferences and the general "expert branding" approaches help to position the discussions. Finding internal champions is always great, but people will usually never "recommend up" vs. "recommend across" or "recommend down" when considering a purchase.

    I usually go straight to the C-level. No sense in wasting time with worker bees who are afraid of losing their job.
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    There are two steps to get world-class B2B Leads:

    1. Bring relevant people to your website. In my experience, content marketing works by far best (mid-term) to get the most relevant traffic. If you want to scale, you need to support it first with retargeting ads and then with further ads (I prefer Facebook Ads and LinkedIn, but this depens on the company and your target group).

    2. You must be able to turn visitors into validated leads. This means that there should be a clear strategy on how to capture contact details. E.g. Newsletter Signups, White Papers, etc. In this step it's also important to automatically separate incorrect emails from real ones and to find out how qualified (= sales-ready or not) the leads are. We recently developed a tool for that called Beamium which makes it possible to share presentations online (e.g. embedded in your landing page) and to turn the presentation viewers in the middle of the document into leads. The leads are automatically validated and smart analytics classify them with a lead score. You can find more info here if interested: https://www.beamium.com/v/dymqpnbo

    The overall story is quite easy: Find relevant users. Convince them. Turn them into leads. Nurture the leads. Turn them into customers. Especially for b2b startups this can off course be very tough in the beginning. The earlier your company, the less money should be spent (= wasted) on ppc initially.
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    If B2B has an online presence, you can try to get aid from various digital marketing methods like SEO, SEM etc.

    If it does not, it largely depends on how you market your reputation in the industry.

    Take care. All the best.
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    The easiest way to get B2B leads is cold calling. scrap phone numbers from yellow pages or business directories and hire someone on upwork to call them.
    Get FREE Videos to your Youtube Channel On autopilot!
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    Lead generation are still using both traditional and online methods for generating leads. There are some ways which are most probably used to generate B2B leads,
    Direct Mailing:- Most trusted method for showcasing is immediate promoting through mails. Just you ought to be watchful that mails must not be dumped into spams.
    Organic Search and SEO:- SEO is the most effective way to generate leads because when companies need IT services, they go to Google and search for IT companies to get the information.
    Content Marketing:- Which includes sharing on the web sites, recordings, web-based social networking post and so on that draws in the clients and create gainful interest in product and services. Content advertising increment deals, is monetary and gives clients who are faithful.
    Social Media:- Marketing through LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook etc. which are the most visited sites by the customers.
    Display Advertising:- Make a powerful ad of the product with the goal that it might draw in the client to watch the item
    But going through tools can be most efficient way to generate leads, because it will be easy and less time consuming. These tools are,
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    Hey Sameer,

    Here's a list of 25 lead gen ideas for B2B business w/ examples: https://www.fieldboom.com/blog/lead-generation-ideas/
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    There are places that I believe you can generate B2B leads pretty well.
    - Linekdin
    - Angel.co
    - Yelp
    - Google maps
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    For B2B, I think personal relationship is important. Let use Linkedin, Angel.co to connect with companies, person-in-charge, so you can gradually reach them.
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    Webinar, Online event, offline event are the best ways to meet and connect with people.
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    Know how B2B companies should be generating leads through digital marketing in 2018.
    ⦁ First things first, what is lead generation?
    Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product.
    Not, all leads sent over to salespeople are properly qualified. To avoid this problem leads can be categorized into two groups:
    Marketing qualified leads (MQL)
    Sales qualified leads (SQL)
    ⦁ B2B Lead generation starter kit
    Before you can start reeling in the leads, there are a few things you need to get you started.
    1. Customer Persona
    2. Content
    3. Landing page
    4. Form and call to action (CTA)
    ⦁ Driving leads to your landing page.
    ⦁ Social media
    ⦁ Lead Nurturing (turning MQLs into SQL's)
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