How to get Relevant traffic to my website?

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Hello Readers,

I do most of the SEO, PPC, CRO and SMM activities,

=> I get nearly 1200 per day New User Traffic
=> My Taget Customers are Ad Agencies

My Concerns are
=> How to check whether the traffic on my website is relevant or not ?
=> If not what are the remedies for that / Where i was lacking ?
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    The best way to drive relevant traffic to your site is to use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.
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      Thanks for the reply kevin,

      I do Social networking, but I face problem in, how to figure out whether the organic traffic from social media is relevant to my site or not
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      • Hi sameer,

        To get relevant traffic from Twitter I will suggest to follow people from your niche. You can try answering on quora to get traffic but you will not get traffic instantly from quora but it works for long time benefits as your answer never dies.
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        Organic traffic can't be generated by social media sites. You need to add Google analytics tool on your site then easily you can analysis your traffic.
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    QandA sites tend to be very relevant as well. Try to answer some questions on Quora related to your niche.
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      Thanks for your response, That's a good idea to do quora.

      But Quora is in my daily checklist

      Do you know any such Q&A forums similar to Quora and Reddit ??
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    You should do this:
    Find Influential People In Your Niche.
    Find Out What Your Influencers Care About.
    Finally, Add Share Triggers (encourage people to share and link).

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    Do you know your target market? Think about where they are online:

    What websites they read
    What forums and groups they are active on
    What social media followers they use

    Start there and that will help.

    You can also research competitors and see where they are. Tools like Alexa and Similarweb can tell you who links to competing websites.
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    One way I've found really works, search for relevant hashtags on Instagram. It's a gold mine there, engage with them and like and comment on their photos but don't be spammy about it. Everyone just does emojis and simple one word comments. Stand out to them, look at their photos and comment on something really personal like "I really like your shoes in your last post, where did you get them?"

    This kind of stuff will get you noticed, have your link in your bio set up and they will check you out. For me, I notice it works better when I don't ask for anything at all. Just provide a comment they value, then they will most likely check out your profile, and your link in your bio.

    Hope this helps
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    If you are targeting Ad Agencies, than social traffic like Facebook, Twitter, will not help that much in conversion. I would suggest to run campaign on LinkedIn, or other professional network where it will convert.

    Focus on creating content targeting ad agencies and publish it on marketing blogs. It will also helps you to drive relevant and quality traffic.

    To check whether the traffic is relevant or not do through analysis of your analytics. Check if your site getting traffic from valid source. Also check the host-name some time it might possible that you are receiving spam traffic.

    For filtering traffic in Google Analytics I would recommend read ohow blog. The author of the blog is Carlos Escalera. He regularly post great tips and updates on how to filter spam traffic in Google Analytics.
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    To get relevant traffic to your website, best thing to do is research niches you can use Google trends or you can use buzzsumo. Then you can use the adwords tools to research the keywords and optimise pages of those site. Then build backlinks and social signals using Facebook Twitter etc. You can also build relevant links from high quality sites while optimising the site.

    On page SEO:
    On page SEO refers to changes you can apply on the website so that it is optimized for search engines. The most important on page SEO Tips are:
    * Keyword Analysis
    * Content updating
    * Image Optimization
    * URL optimization
    * Meta tag Optimization
    * Heading tag optimization
    * Search Engine optimization
    * Page loading time optimization
    Add a good analytics program like google analytics or gostats to track the traffic, analytics play an important part in any successful campaign
    Off page SEO:
    Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page.
    * blog Submission
    *Q & Answer, Forum
    * Social bookmarking
    * Classified Submission
    * Article Submission
    * Press release Submission
    * Ppt and Video Submission
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    Follow these methods to get Relevant traffic for your site
    1.Forum posting
    2.Blog posting
    3.Guest posting
    4.Article submission
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    You do not need to have Huge traffic to grow your business. The best way to grow your company is by connecting your business with a great partnership or joint venture.

    If you run Health drink Tea you could Partner with someone that runs a big blog or company related to Fitness.

    If you put your product or service in front of 500K people and 1% of them buy you will be doing lot of money. You can literally triple the size of your business in few days.

    Joint Venture and Partnerships are by far the best way

    Hit me a message and I would love to help you how to get this great partners.

    Best Lolo
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    Some of the content will always be irrelevant which is ok. At the end of the day, you should find out if the content converts into paying customers. If not, the sources you are using to get your traffic are maybe not used correctly or not good for your type of business at all.
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  • You can start with PPC and simultaneously do organic SEO since you'll get relevant and genuine traffic sooner from PPC as compared with SEO.
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    Make a market research to find out where your target audience are most likely to be found. To know if your traffic is relevant then analyze your analytics data, especially the flow of your audience when they are already on the website.

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