How can I increase my video views on YouTube?

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Hi Warriors,

I've been trying hard to increase my video views on YouTube but I couldn't get any significant results. Any ideas to increase traffic? Any tips?
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    What niche are you in?
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    You can run some Youtube ads. This will get you some views and if you run your ads right, you can get some targeted views and depending on your niche you can get them pretty cheap.
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    Are you researching and using long tail keywords in your titles and descriptions for the traffic you want to attract? I know it's a basic answer, but it makes a big difference, if you aren't using them.
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    If you are just wanting to get higher views (think social proof) then you can buy views online. However I assume you are wanting actual people to take action from your videos in which case you can either buy ads as bwhite suggested or SEO your videos as Dave suggested.

    If you are SEO'ing your videos make sure you select a location (if your video is location focused). Sometimes creating playlists on your channel of related videos can help too as you can get more visibility showing up your video, channel, and playlist in the results.
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    Advertising...Paid traffic is the best. If you're really serious about increasing views.
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    Put the link to your channel in all your emails, that way everyone you email will see your link. Run giveaways to people who send you more subscribers. Drive as much traffic as you can to them. Use Facebook ads, use Facebook live and send people to your YouTube for more content.
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    use keywords and a pbn, this method works best, can get very fast rankings
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    Optimization is must. There is many tools which will help you to do that. Try to do social media promotion and run some YouTube ads.
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    Build your subscribers list and invite people to watch your video through social media.
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