How to change focus to increase traffic using keyword analysis

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Hello everyone,

I'm working on changing my business message because of a lack of traffic. I've been doing some research regarding keyword and combinations of longtail keywords. I'm thinking that I could find a low competition niche pocket within what I do that could get traffic quicker.

Could someone explain to me the steps that I would need to take to be able to determine a low competition niche to focus my website using keyword analysis.

Thanks in advance!
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    Hi. It is very hard to answer while I do not know exactly what your website is about. But in general, you need to find a niche. You can do that by searching in google, see the result it returns, use google keyword finder to see the number of search and assess the competitiveness of your niche.
    Then after you find your niche, you sort down to find low competitive keyword. Using the same technique to find a possible keyword to rank. Do not use a high competitive keyword as your new site will be impossible to rank.
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