Adverting a sports betting service

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Hi guys,

I was hoping some people may be able to help with a specific issue I'm having.

I post betting tips which are profitable, the track record is there for all to see, the tips are free (no strings attached at all).

There are many websites that do the same thing but the tips are terrible but they have massive followings because they post many times each day and have things like the daily best bet, daily accumulator, daily both teams to score doubles, ect ect.

Its a marketing trick where they can pick one of their options and say that they are having a great month because one of their bet types is profitable even though overall they lose and if you bet all their tips you would lose a lot of money.

I post one or two bets a week and am not more active on social media than what it takes to communicate the bet and follow up with the result so I don't 'play the game', I just give a couple of good bets each week.

How can I let people know about this.

I have tried Facebook ads but without any success and I don't make money from supplying these tips as I want to get a good following before putting up any ads so I don't want to be spending much on advertising if there is nothing coming in.

So how do the straight forward honest tipsters of the world get attention?
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