How can I get a sponsor from YouTube for my channel?

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I have a YouTube channel and I want a sponsorship for that. Kindly suggest me.
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    If it was me (it's not), I'd probably be doing some research on niche related businesses that sell products directly to the public.

    You're selling traffic, now find someone that wants your traffic.
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      Agreed, yes that will do the trick, people will buy traffic if they find it useful for their business growth.
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    How big is your channel?

    What type of channel you have?

    What is the age from your viewers?

    Depending on this we might be interested.
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    If you deliver very high quality content, you can get regular people to sponsor you on patreon
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    How big is your channel?
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    If you have bravery and skills to create business proposal and presentation about your YouTube channel to company or big brand, maybe you'll get the sponsor for you YouTube videos. Sometimes peoples just know your channel from what they seen. They don't know what the potential inside. That's your task, how you can sell your channel potential.
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    If your Youtube channel is based on Web Hosting then join web hosting forum and in advertisement section sell your sponsorship. If your channel is on different topic then do same and find forums on your niche and If they allow advertisement thread then advertise your youtube sponsor ad.

    Its so easy. Don't worry.
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    USA Web Hosting
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    Try Famebit and Grapevine, Grin
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