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Hey everyone -

Quick intro, I am a content strategist - I have been working online as a content creator and social media consultant for 5+ years..
Currently I have been "slow and steady" growing my business. Marketing myself through Facebook and grabbing quite a few awesome clients.
Because of my workload I realized quickly consulting for other people and also doing my own content at the level I needed to was going to be difficult.
So, I started using Facebook live regularily ( 2 times a week ) to help get myself out there and create solid pieces of content that I could share and promote without the same time demands as blogging or creating edited video.

It worked well - because Facebook Live I can safely say is my highest converting content I landed to 10K+ marketing clients because strangers saw my Facebook live and liked my information and energy, I was able to sell myself and land that work.

Now, after a year of using Facebook Live i'd say it is my strongest area. I would like to run a challenge teaching others how to utilize it and market that challenge to grow my list and increase my visibility.

What I am looking for here is some feedback and suggestions on how to do this.
I know that challenges are all the rage right now thanks to the big push on them by Zach Spucker ( Heart Soul Hustle ) so it is a good time to do one.

I also know I have many of my Facebook Live viewers ready to join in.

I am planning on doing this challenge for free -
and the purpose is to market and grow my visibility through it.
What are your thoughts off the batt? Good idea? Bad idea? Tips to get it off the ground and be a success?

I have also compiled and am in the process of writing descriptions for each of my Facebook Live videos so that I can grab some SEO... the website isn't much yet but it is functional www.brandiepeters.com if you want to watch some of my content.

Additionally - i want some frank advice on whether or not putting together a challenge on Facebook Live would be worth my time.
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