How do I get visitors to my classified ads website?

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I was wondering if somebody can point me in the right direction for my website.
I recently made a website where you can post classified ads socially. You can reach the person via phone etc.
You can share the classified ad across various social medias, even craigslist too!
This is to get attention to your post

My website -

A sample classified ad post -

How do other startups get traction and grow? I heard Airbnb had something interesting they did as well...
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    Well you already found one way. Have you done any marketing?
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      one way? Are you talking about how I can share to craigslist?
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      what is that "one way"???
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    Well craigslist would be one way. You have FB, Google, Twitter just to name a few
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      Only problem with craigslist is that that ask of you to limit 1 post per category for every 24-48 hours...
      I thought about doing the same.
      Should I just go for it and start posting?
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    Do some SEO or share your site on facebook groups.
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    you can contact the top of the blogger who provides list out classified sites and tells him to add your link into the list of classified sites. also, you can get traffic through the social media.

    Top mobile app, games, and web development company in India AIS Technolabs

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      Nice thought. What else would you do?
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      So like should I promote my facebook page? The users can share their post to major social media already.
      Do you guys think my site is a good idea?
      I think it has a lot to offer.
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      Do you know of any bloggers that are relevant to my website? That can write a post for me to gain traffic. Anyone you can list would be wonderful.
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    Yes,You Can Use Google Web Master Tools For Getting Vesitors On Your Web Site.Use Google Tool to Bust Your Web On Google Also Indexing The Pages Of WebSite.
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      Can you please clarify on how exactly I should use Google Webmaster tools to index my site. I thought it just indexes automatically. If so, the process is very slow. Sometimes it goes days or even a week to even update. How can I speed it up?
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    hey there

    Just like any business ... you put up a sign saying you are
    in business
    In the internet world you do this with either free traffic or payed traffic
    with free traffic you sign up with a few authority websites like facebook
    then create a signature link back to your blog or page and do some posting and comenting
    with payed traffic you sign up with a site like then pay them a few dollars and they will begin to send traffic to your page or blog

    NOW you have to make the decision how to proceed.. if you do nothing ...nothing will happen

    talk soon
    sam f
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      I agree, you mentioned those offers seem to be cheap and ineffective, are they?
      Should I chose Facebook ads to promote across the network? Should I just join fb groups? Can you please give me an idea of where to next? I do need to take action in some way.
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