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I'm new to online marketing and trying to come up with some effective strategies. One such strategy involves identifying "role model" sites that attract a similar demographic to that which we're targeting and have a high degree of relevance. In some cases these sites may be competitors, but not necessarily. For example; we're selling jewellery, but a site that sells clothing and attracts fashionistas of the same demographic we're targeting is a valid "role model" site.

Once I've identified such a site, I look at the total traffic, % that is referral, and then the top referrers (with percentages) on This gives me sites that I can target for backlinks with indicative referral traffic (at least for the target I'm reviewing). The idea being that I should be able to prioritise to target sites that drive the highest levels of traffic and ultimately deliver some of that traffic to my site.

I also expect that my SEO will benefit from this campaign, as I'd hope that any sites delivering good volumes of relevant traffic should itself have good domain authority.

I am however coming unstuck a little when reviewing potential "role model" sites on SimilarWeb. An example is; a clothing brand in Bali. According to SimilarWeb, ALL of their referral traffic is coming from a consumer electronics site. This; apart from not making any sense is also completely contradicted by other tools such as Alexa and Moz which show a much more believable list of backlinks.

My questions are; is SimilarWeb simply wrong and I shouldn't be relying on it? Is there another tool that will report % of referral traffic from each referrer?
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    SimilarWeb seams to me a bunch of lies. They don't have info to say what they say.

    I am also interested in finding a service that could do what similarweb was spoused to do.
    Alexa also tries but again ins't very reliable. which is a pitty having a good service to know our competitors would be great
    And like you do potencial webpages to get a backlink on our niche.
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