What's the best app to buy followers on Instagram?

by Elenam
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Although I know the Instagram rules have been changed and become more strict I see bloggers who still practice this method successfully. What app do they use?
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    Do you mean automation tool?

    If yes you can try Instazood. They have 3 day free trial :d
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      Yes, automation. Thanks, I'll try.
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    best way is to hire some one how can get you followers by daily managing your account ... as I did for many clients.. means all are organic and real people
    and interacting people average followers daily 250 to 600 daily by my growth hacking way.. for daily at least need to spend 8 hours at least ... but this super real service.

    If you still want to get huge count of followers at once looking like real people or mix one.. I have one vendor when some one wants from me within 3 to 4 days 5000 to 20000 followers .. I get services from him but followers are not real interacting ..
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    most of them do not use apps you just have to learn how to use Instagram for marketing. their is a better way than just posting

    Make $100 to $500 a day by trading bitcoin free video. Watch a free video and start earning with your bitcoins today

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    Now that Instagram's new Instagram's new algorithm is all based on engagement, are there any automation softwares that focus on not only on gaining you new followers, but ALSO improving your engagement rate? The biggest problem I had with Instagress when I used to have it was that a lot of people followed me back to be courteous but did not ever intend to engage by liking or commenting on my posts. This is detrimental to Instagram growth as the new algo limits your visibility if your account has bad engagement. If you have a lot of followers that don't interact with your content, this tells Instagram you don't make good content, so they limit your organic discoverability. Inversely, If almost all of your followers are liking or commenting on your posts, you have a good engagement rate. That shows Instagram that you make good content that your followers value, so Instagram's algorithm will not only put you at the top of your followers' feeds but will also make you more visible for new followers on both the explore page and popular hashtags in your niche.

    Because of the new algorithm, it is essential to block ghost followers since they are a detriment to your engagement rate. Crowdbabble.com will give you a list of all of your ghost followers, but then you have to go in and manually block thousands of people yourself. After doing a lot of research, I found a service called EngagementGenie.com. So far, so good. They do the follow/ unfollow and liking in my niche for me like instagress used to, but they also block new followers that wind up becoming ghosts to keep my engagement rate above 20%. I'm about a week in and I'm getting more likes and comments on all of my posts and the new followers I do gain are only those that show active interest in my content by liking or commenting
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      I agree with you. I used to use an automation software (instagress) that did follow/ unfollow and liking to gain me new followers but after Insta made the switch from chronological to engagement based, my number of likes and comments dropped drastically. Nowadays, it is more important to have more likes and comments relative to your number of followers than to have a fake, inflated number of followers. You lose all credibility on Insta today if you have 30k followers but 500 likes. Much better for brand sponsorships to have 5k followers and 1000 likes from my personal experience since I've been there. I used EngagementGenie.com to rid my account of accumulated ghost followers to improve my engagement rate. Highly recommend only having an active following in Instagram's engagement based algo!
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    Followers Pro for Instagram
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    If you want to increase genuine followers who are interested in your services/products. You need to genuinely follow and interact with the followers.
    you can use Followers Pro to increase followers on Instagram.
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    Do not buy them they are always spam.
    Try to grow them organically .
    You can do shoutouts if you want fast results .
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  • If you want to Increase your Instagram Likes and Followers. I'd recommend buy real marketing. They are offering organic and legit subscribers at the cheapest and reasonable price. They offer the highest percentage of organic views than all of their competitors.
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    Have you tried follow backs ? It is very effective and give the organic edge. Buying is not always helpful. If you are just into numbers, that is fine.
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    Your question is a bit vague, are you looking to straight up buy fake followers or use an automation tool to increase organic followers?

    As someone who has built countless pages for myself and various business clients I would never buy fake followers. The theory of "more followers bring more followers" has never proven to be effective the 5 or so time I've tried.
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    I've been using Jarvee. Works great for me.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    I believe this technique is 100% outdated. For any newbies reading the thread. If it is still allowed....DON'T DO IT!
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Its Now useless to buy instagram followers coz instagram bot will catch you within a day.
    But you can try your luck for that i use smmsumo website to buy followers,likes etc for my social media profiles.
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    Apps or websites?? There are loads of them...

    5000 Twitter Followers delivered in 48 hours for only $21.99 via: 500RealFollowers.com

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    Bigbangram service is good one if you need real followers, but the process is really takes time.
    If you need to buy them fast, I recommend you likeslive.com.
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    instazood is the best for buying the instagram followers. But there are so many tools are also available. You can try anything which you want to use.
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    I believe that the best is of course excellent and beautiful content. But if suddenly you are so lazy that you do not want to cast beautiful pictures - just use the Bots.
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    I don't see the advantage of having bots unless it's just for show. Bots aren't going to buy your content.
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    Have you tried appsally ? It is very effective and give the organic edge because they use real users. Random buying is quite dangerous because they always use bots
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    There are so many applications are available for buying more followers for instagram. I have given few of the best application for you. They are, Auto follow,Auto unfollow, Auto like, Auto Comment.
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    Hi everyone, I recently have found
    An attractive bot that simplifies your Instagram activities.
    They have all Automation tools you may need for Instagram, Instagram promotion tools, post scheduler, comment manager and even Auto mass DM bot.
    they also have SMM Panels for those who want to buy followers or views.
    Also 3-day free Trial.
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    Well, i am not sure about the app but their is a Great Website (QQSUMO) Who Provide Real and Genuine Instagram Followers, Likes, Views etc With 2 Years of Money Back Guaranteed and 24/7 Customer Support. You Can Try QQSUMO.
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    These are the best app to buy followers on Instagram.
    • IG Forsage
    • AddMeFast
    • Plann
    • VSCO.
    • Priime.
    • Snapseed.
    • Pixlr.
    • Litely.
    • Followers for Instagram.
    • Social Rocket.
    • Crowdfire.
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    "Crowdfire and Social Rocket" are the best app to buy followers on Instagram.
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  • Profile picture of the author Faith Faith
    Here are some of the benefits of having more Instagram followers in 2019

    1. An increase in the number of likes and comments on your photos
    2. Larger audience size for your business
    3. Becoming well known, famous and perceived as an Instagram influencer.

    But how can you attain more followers on Instagram?

    There are a few ways you can go about doing this, however, the easiest method to attract real followers to your Instagram profile is to simply invest in an Instagram bot management tool.

    A bot (AKA web robot) for those who may have not heard of this before is basically just another word for software that runs automated tasks over the internet.

    One of the best Instagram bot tools out there is Instato.io

    Instato works in three basic steps. First, it works to generate activity. Secondly, it schedules and automates your content, which then leads to more and more followers.

    Another way to grow Instagram followers is to use interesting hashtags and to avoid the overuse of hashtags. Also taking good quality photos can have an impact on the number of Instagram users that could be engaged in your posts and content.
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  • Profile picture of the author savidge4
    I really don't get threads like this... its SOCIAL media... not BOT media. Is it so hard to get on and interact..that you have to have a BOT do it for you?


    You want likes... you earn them.

    You want success you work for it.

    You want followers... provide content WORTH following

    Its really not that hard!

    But I get it... you are out on your yacht and cant be bothered - THEN YOU WAKE UP.

    Seriously... you don't have time to be Social?

    And the irony.. this is coming from a guy that says "Hey Google, Turn off the lights" the strain on my fingers flipping the light switch is to much to bear.

    Do the work... be a part of the process... Be YOU... Be REAL... and guess what? you will get all of these little things you are trying to achieve.

    AND... AND I have NEVER lost an account or been banned... EVER - can you imagine that?
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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