What's the best app to buy followers on Instagram?

by Elenam 5 replies
Although I know the Instagram rules have been changed and become more strict I see bloggers who still practice this method successfully. What app do they use?
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    Do you mean automation tool?

    If yes you can try Instazood. They have 3 day free trial :d
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      Yes, automation. Thanks, I'll try.
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    best way is to hire some one how can get you followers by daily managing your account ... as I did for many clients.. means all are organic and real people
    and interacting people average followers daily 250 to 600 daily by my growth hacking way.. for daily at least need to spend 8 hours at least ... but this super real service.

    If you still want to get huge count of followers at once looking like real people or mix one.. I have one vendor when some one wants from me within 3 to 4 days 5000 to 20000 followers .. I get services from him but followers are not real interacting ..
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    most of them do not use apps you just have to learn how to use Instagram for marketing. their is a better way than just posting

    Learn how to get tones of traffic on to your pages today. A step By Step Guide to generating 5000 clicks to your offers every day

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    Now that Instagram’s new Instagram’s new algorithm is all based on engagement, are there any automation softwares that focus on not only on gaining you new followers, but ALSO improving your engagement rate? The biggest problem I had with Instagress when I used to have it was that a lot of people followed me back to be courteous but did not ever intend to engage by liking or commenting on my posts. This is detrimental to Instagram growth as the new algo limits your visibility if your account has bad engagement. If you have a lot of followers that don’t interact with your content, this tells Instagram you don’t make good content, so they limit your organic discoverability. Inversely, If almost all of your followers are liking or commenting on your posts, you have a good engagement rate. That shows Instagram that you make good content that your followers value, so Instagram’s algorithm will not only put you at the top of your followers’ feeds but will also make you more visible for new followers on both the explore page and popular hashtags in your niche.

    Because of the new algorithm, it is essential to block ghost followers since they are a detriment to your engagement rate. Crowdbabble.com will give you a list of all of your ghost followers, but then you have to go in and manually block thousands of people yourself. After doing a lot of research, I found a service called EngagementGenie.com. So far, so good. They do the follow/ unfollow and liking in my niche for me like instagress used to, but they also block new followers that wind up becoming ghosts to keep my engagement rate above 20%. I’m about a week in and I’m getting more likes and comments on all of my posts and the new followers I do gain are only those that show active interest in my content by liking or commenting
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