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Hey, Warriors!

I'd like to know about your best practices on how you increase your sales productivity. I currently work as a sales manager for a brand and I'm just new to the position. I've been trying a lot of strategies for the past month or two but I'm not sure why it's not helping. I'm hoping you guys can give us ideas that me and my team can try next. Thanks!
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    What are you selling? Is it a product or a service? Can you share more details about what is it exactly that you do that you need help with increasing sales productivity?
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      yes, this is also some important question which you need to answer.
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    Really dive deep into the specific problem your product or service provides. Match that solution with juicy benefits your ideal customer cannot ignore. This boosts sales.

    As far as overall productivity, thinking of viable ways to scale....increases sales.
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  • It really depends upon the service or product that you are selling online. The strategy changes from business to business. So, please provide more details regarding your business online.
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    Being able to automate and scale my email follow ups with potential leads, rather than manually writing to each one.
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    What have you been trying and what happend? Sometimes the strategy is just wrong, for example trying to make your sales people cold call get get them frustrated.

    Sometimes the targeting or qualification is just wrong and sales people spend way to much time on prospects that arenĀ“t qualified and get frustrated.

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    More Inbound Leads
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      Inbound traffic came from happy customer who received purchased product and superior service. This is obvious but many shops seems to forgot that.
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    Share in details the challenges you are having, your products and services and then we will know the kind of productivity hack advice I can give.
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    Hi Sophie,
    work over inbound marketing, all you do has to focus on one single goal.
    From the first order all your actions have to bring positive market feedback, service/product reviews etc. Plan your sales operations to fit into long range strategy. Pick the tools which will let you service 1 and 1000 customers a day same profesional way. Automation will work for your customer as well as for yourself. We all do mistakes but not all of us deal with them the right way- RMA module will do the job. Be transparent to all of the customers and manage them the same professional way. This is how we build up our market position as market leader of SaaS based professional selling solution provider.
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    What have you tried? What's worked? What hasn't? Why? That can help everyone give much better direction as to other things you should consider... or what you need to keep focusing on
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