Can growth hacking be adapted outside of the startup world?

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Hi guys!

I would need a bit of your help . I am currently writing a dissertation on growth hacking and its possible adaptation outside of the startup scene.

II would like to conduct short interviews about this topic to some of you guys, people that have performed growth hacking activities outside of a startup, or people in startups familiar with the topic.

Could anyone help me? You will gain my sincere gratitude and an amazing reputation of thought leaders... in the mind of my teachers.

Thank you very much for reading this & have a good day!
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    I don't see why not?

    Don't get carried away by the term and fact that it just suits the startup industry. It can definitely be applied to the corporate world too.
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    Development hacking is a procedure of fast experimentation crosswise over promoting channels and item advancement to recognize the best, effective approaches to grow a business. Development hacking alludes to an arrangement of both customary and offbeat showcasing tests that prompt development of a business.
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    Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. ...In order to truly become a growth hacker, you must have this unshakeable drive to grow. It needs to affect everything you do. If you can't connect your task to growth, then your task is irrelevant.
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    Growth Hacking is separeted from being just a communty manager or social media expert because you not only now the mechanics of digital platforms, but also need to have a good eye for analytics, numbers, tests, the scientific method must be envolved in every strategy.

    So yes, It can be used outside SAAS. I've done it with large companies, startups and SAAS.

    I can help if you want.
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